1. The Triple Pulse of Attention



1. The Triple Pulse of Attention is the first Notebook in the Information Dynamics series. It consists of a series of articles that have a dual purpose. First, this article stream provides an introduction to some basic mathematical forms that are at the heart of Information Dynamics – the Pulse (a.k.a. Pulse of Attention) and the Triple Pulse. Second, the articles establish that there are numerous patterns of correspondence between experimentally verified behavioral reality and the mathematical model provided by the Living Algorithm's digestion process. These include the necessity of sleep, the importance of naps, and the negative impact of interruptions on a productive session. Contemporary science has not produced a mathematical model for any of these behavioral phenomena, and is instead mystified.

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  Headings Pages
Preface: The New Age of Science 3/4 12
1. Introduction: The Pulse of Attention 3/4 6
1A. The Pulse of Attention: the Graph 3/4 5
2. The Project’s Visual Methodology 3/4 8
3. Interruptions to the Pulse of Attention 3/4 6
4. Triple Pulse Experiment: Method 3/4 4
5. Triple Pulse Experiment: Results 3/4 7
6. Triple Pulse & Sleep Deprivation 3/4 5
7. Triple Pulse & Sleep Necessity 3/4 5
8. Triple Pulse: Nap Importance 3/4 8
9. The Liminals & the Subconscious 3/4


10. Triple Pulse: Biology of Sleep 3/4 17
11. A Mathematical Web for Cognitive Mysteries 3/4 5
12. Attention Capacity & Sleep Biology   24
Totals   122