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6. Triple Pulse & Sleep Deprivation

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Tantalizing Questions

Original Inference from ideal Triple Pulse

Inferences must stick to the mathematical facts of the model.

The Triple Pulse results are Pure Mathematics.

Original Theory: ‘Breaks necessary to maximize creative output.’

Personal Experience confirmed Prediction

Initial Inferences from the Triple Pulse Experiment

Experimental Results: Interruptions to the Rest Pulse

Experimental Results: the Head start Experiment

Inference: 'Interrupted Sleep' impairs Potentials of the following Day

Inference: Shortened Sleep Cycle impairs Output Potentials of following Day

Experimental Evidence for Harm of Sleep Deprivation

Personal Perception of Sleep Deprivation’s Harm

Which Mental Faculty does is Sleep Deprivation dim?

Experimental Evidence

Sleep deprivation, not interruptions or lack of energy, diminishes day's potentials.

Parallels: Rest Pulse <=> Sleep; Active Pulse <=> Cognitive Abilities

What Mechanism links the Triple Pulse to Sleep Deprivation?

Just a coincidence?

Is the explanation for the linkage traditional or perhaps mathematical?

For plausible answers, more investigation is required.

7. The Triple Pulse & the Necessity of Sleep

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21st Century State of Science regarding the Necessity of Sleep

Does the Living Algorithm’s Triple Pulse parallel any other features of sleep?

What is the Current Scientific viewpoint regarding the Necessity of Sleep?

Science doesn't know why we sleep, even though it is an essential human need.

Sleep rests our body, not our brain.

Body shutdown turns us into helpless prey.

Why did evolution sacrifice defense for sleep?

Contemporary Scientific understanding regarding the necessity of sleep

Why is Sleep a necessity?

Triple Pulse Mathematics: The Necessity of Sleep

Mathematical Fact: Rest Pulse necessary to refresh Active Pulse

Sleep Deprivation correspondences with Triple Pulse

Triple Pulse inference: Sleep refreshes our ability to think.

Evolution chooses refreshed thinking over security from predators.

No contradictions between theory and fact

How does sleep refresh our ability to think?


8. The Triple Pulse & the Importance of Naps

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Tantalizing Questions

The Living Algorithm’s mathematical behavior mimics Human Behavior regarding Sleep & Interruptions.

Cognitive Abilities and Sleep linked with the Living Algorithm’s Active and Rest Pulses.

What does Living Algorithm Mathematics say about Naps?

Triple Pulse Model: Elasticity of Time Increments

Triple Pulse: Relativity of Time

Relativity of Session Duration

The Pulse of Attention can be associated with any time duration.

Due to time flexibility, Triple Pulse behavior applies to both Naps & Night Sleep.

Prior Results

Triple Pulse prediction: Naps should refresh cognitive abilities and performance.

Experimental Facts regarding Naps

21st century science: Naps improve performance

Why do Naps enhance Cognitive Performance?

Science's tentative explanation

Incomplete Scientific Understanding

Experiments validate Triple Pulse correspondence w/Naps

Could Naps/Sleep provide the downtime required to digest Information?

Experimental results: Naps clear short-term memory storage for more information

Implication: Opportunity to clear short-term memory storage

Is clearing memory storage the same as digesting residual information?

Does sleep provide an opportunity to integrate information?

Why do humans need down-time to clear short-term memory storage?

Reasons for break not found in continuous processing of a computer

Evidence indicates that the Brain requires down-time.  


Triple Pulse behavior mimics human behavior regarding Naps.

Logical Chain linking Triple Pulse & the Importance of Naps

Could a Rest Pulse refresh our ability to think?

Could sleep provide time to digest information?

Tantalizing Questions regarding nature of intriguing Correspondences

Link to more Evidence

9. The Liminals & the Subconscious

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Two Latent Mysteries of Triple Pulse Study

Mathematical Mystery: Why Interruptions to the Rest Pulse affect the Active Pulse

Neurological Mystery: Why is the brain incredibly activity during sleep?

Zeroing out the Triple Pulse

3 Inherent Features of the Living Algorithm

Triple Pulse: a visualization of the Directional, the Daughter

Liminals: the Grandchildren of the Living Algorithm Family

Liminals also zero out at end of each Pulse

Interrupted Liminals prevent Rest Pulse from zeroing out

Liminals' Turbulence disrupts Rhythm of Ensuing Pulse

Graphic Visualizations

Family, Team, Liminals must work together to maximize performance


21st Century Science: Brain 'unbelievably active' during sleep

The Neurological Mystery

Triple Pulse components: Green Active & Rest Pulses and Multi-colored Liminals

Agenda of Liminals independent of Pulse

Liminals: Subconscious Cognition?

Definitions: Conscious, Unconscious, & Subconscious

Definition corresponds with Experience

Mathematical Correspondence

Liminals: Reason for Name

Experimental Correspondence

Theory: Subconscious continues to process Info while we sleep

The Liminals & the Subconscious: some casual Associations

Suggestive Associations lend credence to Theory

Liminals: Dreaming?

Infinite Subconscious versus a Point of Consciousness

Infinite number of Liminals and their relationships: Just one Triple Pulse

Tentative Explanation of Neurological Mystery

Living Algorithm Info Patterns suggests Answer

Mathematics: Rest Pulse required to digest Energy Accumulation from Active Pulse

Subconscious requires Sleep to completely digest Energy Accumulation of the Day

Intense brain activity during sleep: Subconscious (Liminals) working overtime to process info

Theory requires many support articles, but opportunity to meet Liminals

Is this correspondence yet another coincidence linked by a confounding variable?


10. The Triple Pulse & the Biology of Sleep

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Biological Mechanisms behind Sleep

Tantalizing Questions

Our Source (once again): Medina’s brain rules

Dement’s “Opponent Process Model”

Mysterious ongoing Conflict – day and night

Counterintuitive results: Need for Rest does not drive Biology of Sleep

Composition of Opposing Armies

Mechanism behind opponent process model remains a mystery.

The Living Algorithm's Living Average (the 1st Derivative of a Data Stream)

Living Algorithm's digestive process reveals a data stream's ongoing rates of change (derivatives).

X-axis, the number of iterations; Y-axis, relative values

Living Average: the 1st Derivative of a Data Stream

The Rise of the Triple Pulse's Living Average

The Fall of the Triple Pulse's Living Average

Alternation of '1s' string and 0s string maximizes changes in the Living Average.

A Mathematical Battle between 0s & 1s

Triple Pulse battle between an army of 1s and an army of 0s.

Army of 0s (System S) and Army of 1s (System C); Living Average, gauge of battle's progress.

After the Army of 1s wins the battle, the Army of 0s takes over.

Simplistic Battle makes no sense.

The System 'stagnates' if either Process C or S wins the war.

If Process Sleep wins the war, we enter a coma and die.

What's wrong with Process Consciousness winning the war?

Endless string of 1s to symbolize what happens if Process C won the war

The Data Stream's Rates of Change (Derivatives) flatline, if Process C wins the war.

Graph: Derivatives of a Data Stream of 1s

Cooperation to maximize potentials makes complete sense

Criterion: Which Model provides greater Explanatory Power?

Both Models – Mathematical & Dement's – are metaphorical abstractions of Empirical Reality.

All Models are Metaphorical Abstractions

Pattern Recognition: a Preliminary Filter, but no Causality

Next Stage: An Examination of the Model's Underlying Logic for Explanatory Power

The Advantage of Mathematics: the Underlying Logic is Crystal Clear.

Dement's Model based on non-mathematical Military Metaphor

The Strength of Mathematics: Universality

Alternating Process C (the 1 string) & Process S (the 0 string) prevents Stagnation & maximizes Mental Vitality.

Review Correspondences between Triple Pulse and Sleep Deprivation for understanding

Process C's Army of 1s generates Active Pulse; Process S's army of 0s generates Rest Pulse.

Relationships mimic each other

Periodic Alternation of Active & Rest Pulses to avoid stagnation & refresh potentials

Active Pulse associated with cognitive abilities in Sleep Deprivation study

Why Data Stream Derivatives might symbolize Available Mental Energy

Active Pulse symbolizes Mental Energy, rather than cognitive abilities.

Timed Repetitions required to change Neural Networks/Cognitive Abilities.

Neural Networks/Cognitive Abilities are Relatively Stable.

Energy required to utilize Tools.

Energy has a physical and mental component.

Sleep Loss leads to loss of Mental Energy, which, in turn, leads to Diminished Cognitive Performance.

Suppose the Data Stream Derivatives are associated with System's Mental Vitality.

Derivatives up; Mental Energy up; and vice versa.

Derivatives/Mental Energy Correspondence applied to C & S processes

If the army of 1s (Process C) remains in control for too long, the System's mental vitality vanishes.

Alternating streams of 1s & 0s maximizes System's vitality.

Cooperation to maximize potentials – Not a war of destruction

Do Process Consciousness & Process Sleep alternate to maximize vitality?

A Number's Information Energy works to change Living Average to its Value.

Number Strings of 1s and 0s as armies of workers, rather than battling soldiers

Numbers are a Bundle of Information Energy that works to change the Living Average to their side.

At point of victory, Workforce of 1s has finished their job.

The longer a workforce has controlled the field; the more likely they have finished their task.

The Complementary Tasks of Process Sleep and Process Conscious

If a cooperative relationship between workforces, what are the complementary tasks?

String of 1s symbolizes Conscious Attention & generates the Pulse of Attention.

The Pulse of Attention: a pulse of Mental Energy

Task of Process C, the mental energy generator: accumulate and assimilate Fresh Information.

Process S: no more mental energy of Attention.

Why couldn't Process Conscious continue forever?

Mental Energy of Attention based upon method of information digestion, not physical energy.

Efficient Use of Attention maximizes Mental Energy

Insufficient downtime also inhibits Pulse's ideal potentials

Duration of Downtime & Attention must be just right to maximize Mental Energy.

Task of Process S to provide downtime to digest leftover mental energy

Attention begins the Information Digestion Process; Sleep finishes it.

Play of Mathematical and Biological Forms

Exact parallel suggests Biological Forms mimic Mathematical Forms

Could Biological Forms have evolved to take advantage of the Living Algorithm System?

Biology also adapts to earth's 24 hour revolution

Although math-driven, Biological mechanisms take precedence

Triple Pulse: a plausible and powerful mathematical explanation for the biology of sleep

Do Triple Pulse thresholds trigger the C & S processes?


11. Living Algorithm System: Mathematical Web for Cognitive Mysteries

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Growing Web of Correspondence between Living Algorithm & Reality

Immaterial Mathematical System linked with 5 Cognitive Phenomena

No Traditional System proposed to model Cognitive Mysteries

Living Algorithm Mathematics links enigmatic Phenomena

Conceptual Evolution of Mathematical Constructs

Triple Pulse: Malleability of Time

Evolution of Concepts associated with the Active & Rest Pulses

Pulse Associations mutually supportive, not contradictory

General Correspondences mutually supportive, not contradictory

A Table: How the Meanings of the Active and Rest Pulses have evolved

The Evolution of the Liminals: Subconscious Cognition

Six mathematical processes parallel five diverse phenomena

A Table: Triple Pulse Processes & Experimental Reality

A Causal Relation? Why are the Triple Pulse & Behavioral Phenomena linked?

A Correlation between System & Phenomena or a Confounding Variable?

No Whys, although Multiple Whats (5 linkages)

Answer to Why frequently lags the Answer to What

Could the Living Algorithm System be Life's Info Processing System?


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