Attention, Life & the Living Algorithm
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0: Foreword to Attention & Learning

2: Articles
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Life ruminates on her relationship with the Living Algorithm

Blown away by recent developments

We've come so far

An Ambiguous Beginning

Life frustrated with her mathematical options

Initially Disappointed with the Living Algorithm

Traumatized by earlier relationship with Astrology

Living Algorithm, Life’s only hope

To establish credibility, Life poses a series of questions.

Is there any evidence that supports Patterns of Correspondence? Yes!

Life: “Why are there Patterns of Correspondence?”

Theory: Living Algorithm forms influence Life, because she employs Cell to digest information.

Life: “Is there any evidence in support of this theory?”

Plausibility of Life employing Living Algorithm to digest Data Streams

Could Life employ the Living Algorithm to digest Data Streams?

Life meditates to uncover her basic needs

Life establishes Requirements and Ordeals

Talents of Physics & Probability inadequate

Excuses: Probability: Life doesn't understand Random

Physics: No such thing as an Open System

Explanations require multiple perspectives

Could the Living Algorithm be Life's Operating System?

Why did Life choose the Living Algorithm's Triple Pulse?

Living Algorithm & Mechanics have the same architecture of dynamics

Both employ the same constructs: space, time, matter, and energy

Data Stream Dynamics

Life chooses Triple Pulse, as most productive and efficient data stream

Living Algorithm System: behavioral correspondence, a plausible operating system & a causal mechanism

What Mechanism provides the Link between Information & Matter?

Purely Material Linkage doesn't incorporate potential for Informed Choice

Counter Evidence: Religions proliferate to control Choice

Physical model can't explain many of Life's features

What is Translation Mechanism between Info & Matter?

Attention Pulse completely concentrates Energy Density of Data Stream.

Could this concentration spark the gap?

Could Attention generate a Pulse of Info Energy that initiates changes?


1: The Primacy of Attention

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Why does Living Algorithm's Triple Pulse correspond with Life's Human Behavior?

Is there any evidence of correspondences between the behavior of the Living Algorithm & Life? Yes!

Could Life employ the Living Algorithm to digest data streams? Yes!

Why did Life choose the Living Algorithm's Triple Pulse?

The Living Algorithm System & Material Systems share the same dynamical structure.

Data Stream Dynamics provides causal mechanism for Triple Pulse Correspondences.

Current Volume: Is there any evidence for the transformative potentials of the Pulse of Attention?

Why Attention is Life's Substance

Attention is Data Stream's Substance, a component of Mass

Attention required to impart Meaning to a Data Stream

Can only pay attention to what can be perceived

Attention to environmental input on all levels of the biological hierarchy

Conscious and Subconscious Attention

All levels make subconscious adjustments based upon subconscious attention

Each level of biological hierarchy makes adjustments to the environment.

Although Life's adjustment Range is Narrow, Matter has None

Attention differentiates Matter from Life

Life requires Attention to Survive; Matter requires no Attention to just Be

Life's Attention vs. Matter: Open/Closed System & Consumption/Conservation of Energy

Attention linked to a Sense of Time Passing

Environmental Interaction: Matter Instantaneous – Life Consecutive

Inseparable trio – Life, Attention, & Living Algorithm – a meaning-making entity

Empirical Evidence exists for Logical Claims

Working Definitions for Life, the Living Algorithm & Attention

Life + Attention + Living Algorithm = Meaning

Tightening Definitions

Life = the Will to Survive -> Fulfilling Potentials -> the Urge for Self-Actualization

Living Algorithm = a Mathematical Tool that digests Data Streams

Attention = a Process that employs the Living Algorithm tool to assist Life satisfy her urges

Attention: Life's original filter

Attention acts as a Relevance Filter

Attention: an Information Censor

Attention/Living Algorithm synergy screens out irrelevant information

Attention's process: virtually Automatic

Life adjusts Attention's automatic algorithms

Attention and the Living Algorithm operate in tandem.

Attention sifts Sensory Input for Life

Life/Attention/Living Algorithm synergy operates on each level of Biological Hierarchy.

How does Attention/Living Algorithm synergy work?


1-2. How does Attention/Living Algorithm synergy work?

Life permeates every level of the biological hierarchy

Life requires Attention to act as her intermediary with the Environment

Life requires a system that digests data streams. The Living Algorithm?

The Living Algorithm needs Attention to provide her with Meaning

Life, Living Algorithm & Attention: an inseparable meaning-making trio

Attention acts as Life's filter

Attention/Living Algorithm synergy links Life with Sensory Data Streams

Matter requires no Attention to just be

How Attention differentiates Life from Matter: open system and a sense of time

How does Attention accomplish task?

2. Attention: a Filter of Random Signals

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How does Attention/Living Algorithm synergy create Meaning?

Life, the embodiment of biological systems, is the urge to self-actualize.

Life requires Attention to determine which data streams for the Living Algorithm to digest.

To provide ongoing, up-to-date information, the Living Algorithm/Attention synergy must act automatically.

Life can tweak Attention, not the Living Algorithm.

Logical Theories require confirming Evidence.

Life, Attention & the Living Algorithm a meaning-making synergy: based upon definitions.

To provide efficacy to the theory must understand Attention’s Mathematical Method.

Primary Function of Attention: Filtering out Random Noise

Attention determines whether a Data Stream has potential significance.

Life requires Attention to 'experience' a Data Stream.

How does Attention determine significance?

Example: How do forest creatures sift out lush background noise from meaningful signal?

Determining potential significance enables an adjustment (a response to the stimulus).

Data Stream Intensity differentiates Random from Sustained Signal.

How does Attention employ Living Algorithm to screen out noise?

Living Algorithm provides sufficient information to filter out random signals.

Graph: Triple Pulse vs. Random

Setting a threshold of intensity – To attend or not to attend

Data Stream Density also differentiates Random from Sustained Signal.

Data Stream Density: Random 0%, Sustained rises to 100%

Data Stream Density: a second random/meaning screen

Two filters for cross-checking: Intensity and Density

Attention attunes to Data Stream Accelerations (Intensity & Density) to screen out Random Signals

Attention ignores Data Stream Velocity, as no difference between Random & Ordered

Attention attracted to Data Stream Acceleration, which leads to Data Stream Power

Example: a Squirrel digests the Dark & Light Patterns of the Forest

Single threshold creates binary data stream.

When both Intensity & Density Rise, Attention passes Living Algorithm's Info to Life.

3: The Importance of Repetition for Experience

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‘Experience’ in the context of Information Dynamics

100% Energy Density required for an Experience

Life experiences Data Stream when Attention cycle is Complete.

Experience in terms of Instants & Moments

An Experience occurs when Data Stream Density ≈ 100%

Interruptions can kill an Experience

Neurological Evidence for the Importance of Timed Repetition

The Importance of Repetition in creating Life Experience

Scientific Literature: specifically timed repetitions for permanent learning

Specifically timed repetitions for memory

Specifically timed repetitions for information transfer between Neurons

Living Algorithm, Humans & Neurons: Timed Repetition transforms the Transitory into the Permanent.

Repetition for a neural firing: Repeated neural firing for a permanent memory

Interruptions block Experience

Neurological Interruptions "block memory formation in total".

Our model: the Life/Attention ignores random data streams – no repetition

Data Stream Interruptions damp energy density, thereby killing the experience.

Is the scientific evidence supporting repetition just random clustering?

3A. The Biological Hierarchy & the Living Algorithm

2: Articles
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Communication in the Biological Hierarchy

From Neurons & Humans to the Biological Hierarchy

Life, the urge to self-actualize, operates at each level of the Biological Hierarchy

Each level of the Biological Hierarchy acts as both a whole and as a part

The Code to the Matrix determines how the Directives are implemented.

Each Level, including the Group, acts as sub-part & sub-whole

Each Level primarily communicates with adjacent levels.

Digital Directives & Requests initiate Analog Execution

Higher Level binary communication; Lower Level analog assimilation

Broad directives or requests from one level are particularized on the other level

Top-Down Directives vs. Bottom-Up Requests

Single Directive vs. Multiple Requests

Multiple Requests, as a form of Redundancy, to prevent Random Firing

Body sends multiple Hunger Requests to Mind

After experience, Life sends Directive to Body.

Body executes Life’s top-down directives relatively continuously.

Latitude in executing Top-down Directives

Attention/Living Algorithm Synergy: 1D Instants, 2D Moments, 3D Life Experience

The Living Algorithm transforms Binary Instants into Analog Moments

Attention transforms Moments into Life Experience

Moment Accumulation on one Plane leads to Experience on another Plane

Sufficient energy density fires a Neuron: Neural firing is the next plane’s instant.

Experience becomes an Instant on the Adjacent Plane

Experience Hierarchy: neural firing –> blue -> blue sky

Life can veto an experiential chain.

Is there any more evidence in support of these theories?

Summary: Repetition required to generate an Experience

Life permeates every level of the Biological Hierarchy.

Living Algorithm provides Life with Data Stream Derivatives.

Life focuses Attention upon Data Stream Acceleration to Censor Random Noise.

Pulse of Attention, a graphic visualization of an Experience

Experience: the communication from lower to upper levels of biological hierarchy

Repetitions associated with Learning & Memory

Repetitions –> Completed Energy Density –> Experience

Is there more evidence that Life, Attention, & the Living Algorithm are a meaning-making entity?


4. The Living Algorithm's Decay Factor

2: Articles
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Consolidating what we have learned

Triple Pulse correspondences, Living Algorithm System & Data Stream Dynamics

Attention acts as intermediary between Living Algorithm & Life to prevent information overload.

Attention focuses upon data stream intensity & density to censor random data streams.

Acceleration passes on Living Algorithm package as long as there is an Acceleration.

Where does Life come into the picture?

How does Life regulate the Attention/Living Algorithm synergy?

What dials does Life turn to maximize her potentials?

To find out about the Living Algorithm’s Decay Factor, read on.

Living Algorithm Algebra: D, the Decay Factor

Living Algorithm Algebra Review

Open System: Fresh Data enters with each Iteration

Self-Referential System: Old Average employed to compute New Average

Decay Factor's sole function: Scaling factor of the Rate of Change

Decay Factor determines Rate of Decay, which determines Impact of New Data on System

Unless refreshed, Living Average is constantly decaying

Entropic Systems: Living Algorithm, heating, biological

Regenerative System: Possibility of Fresh Data

Graphs: Decay Factor’s Range applied to a Single Point

The Decay Factor’s 5 pragmatic Sectors

Graph: Data Bit = 1; D = 16

Graph: Stable – D = 10, 16, & 20

Graph: Sedentary to Eternal – D = 20, 50, & 100

Graph: Volatile – D = 10, 5, & 2

Vertical Line: Instantaneous – D = 1

Graphs: Decay Factor’s Range applied to an Individual Data Stream

Data Stream: Bi-monthly Waiting Hours

D = 16, 30, 100: Responsive, Sedentary & Eternal

D = 10, 2, 1: Responsive, Volatile & Instantaneous

Instantaneous perspective provides no context.

Graph: All Decay Factors together for easy comparison

The nature of the linkage between Attention and the Living Algorithm’s Decay Factor?


4-5. Life wonders about her role.

What about the linkage between Attention & the Decay Factor?

Life reflects upon what she has learned.

Attention automatically censors Random Data Streams

Life wonders if she exercises any control over Attention.

Life learns about the Living Algorithm’s Decay Factor – her Attention dial.

The Living Algorithm specialty is shaping Data Streams

The Living Algorithm’s Decay Factor regulates the shaping process.

Life again asks Cell whether her role is automatic or volitional.

Cell: “Must understand Biological Attention to grasp Informational Attention.”

Is mathematical Attention the same as cognitive Attention?


5. Posner's Attention Model & the Decay Factor

(All the heading are out of date)

2: Articles
3. Sections

Posner’s Model of Attention

Trinity Model

3 Networks: Alerting, Orienting, & Executive

1) Alerting or Arousal Network:

Intrinsic Awareness (general attention) and Phase Alertness (specific attention)

2) Orienting Network: Organism attends to unusual stimulus

3) Executive Network: Life engaged

So much experimental verification Posner’s Model taken to be truth.

Review of Mathematical Model of Attention

Life, Attention & the Living Algorithm form a gestalt.

Working Definitions

Mind chooses how to invest Mental Energy.

Mind/Life structure reflected in the neural anatomy of our Brain.

Jill Bolte Taylor on Emotional vs. Thinking Brain

Mind (choice) & Life (meaning) act as synergistic unit to focus mental energy of Attention

Attention (mental energy) & the Living Algorithm (algorithm) synergy digest Data Streams.

Mind/Life core & Attention/Living Algorithm shell form Attention Synergy.

Decay Factor determines the Contours of Living Algorithm Landscape

Living Algorithm’s Living Average: a smoothed out version of the Raw Data Stream

Decay Factor determines the severity of the Digested Data Stream's Contours.

Decay Factor inversely related to Data Stream Acceleration

Attention attuned to Change (Data Stream Acceleration)

Why does Attention attune to Data Stream Acceleration and ignore Velocity?

According to Model, Life employs Attention/Living Algorithm synergy to prevent Information Overload.

Life focuses Attention upon Data Stream Acceleration to filter Random Data Streams.

Life only 'experiences' a data stream when the Acceleration Pulse is complete.

Living Algorithm generates a Pulse of Acceleration.

A Complete Pulse generates a Life 'Experience'.

100% Energy Density of Completed Pulse sparks the Gap between Mind & Body.

An Incomplete Pulse does not generate a Life Experience.

Life Experience requires an Acceleration that is large and lasting.

Decay Factor Inversely Related to Life Experiences

A High Decay Factor minimizes the Number of Life Experiences Inversely Related

A Low Decay Factor maximizes the Number of Life Experiences

Decay Factor and Life Experiences Inversely Related

How Life utilizes Decay Factor to move between Posner’s Networks

Focus upon general and specific attention of Posner's Arousal Network

High Decay Factor = General Attention of Posner’s Intrinsic Awareness

High Decay Factor sets up Foreground and Background

Low Decay Factor = Specific Attention of Posner’s Phase Alertness

Experience of Sustained Attention leads to Orienting and Executive Networks

Life can turn Decay Factor up and down to move from specific to general attention and back again.

Example: An insignificant yell

Life employs Decay Factor as rheostat for Attention

5-6. Life pleased with Living Algorithm's mathematical definitions.

Living Algorithm System provides mathematical foundation for Living Constructs.

Conscious, Unconscious, & Subconscious Processes; Instants, Moments, & Experience

Life: “I have some control over Attention via the Living Algorithm’s Decay Factor.”

Life summarizes her connection to the Decay Factor as revealed by Posner’s Attention Model


6. Science Guys vs. Life on Choice

A Cool Response to Life’s Enthusiasm

Life excited to find a dial she can turn.

Life shares her excitement with the Science Guys.

Cool response from Science Guys reveals they are not friends, but rejected Suitors.

The Science Guys raise objections to Life's Informed Choice.

Life’s Insight: Science Guys afraid of Uncertainty

To avoid being drawn from her center, Life focuses upon body structure.

Life's Insight: "Fear of Uncertainty has driven Science Guys to Faith in Materialism."

Science Guys: "What is your defense?"

Life asks for plausible Explanation for Cultural Evidence.

Life appreciates all the evidence that Science has explained.

Life is still curious about a few unexplained details.

Cultural Institutions designed to control Thoughts to influence Behavior

Other Cultural Institutions designed to control Thought Processes

Life wonders why so much cultural energy on controlling thoughts, if no effect on behavior.

Life wonders what the Scientific Explanation is for this widespread Phenomenon.

Science Guys justify their Mechanistic Explanation with Reason.

Science Guys: "Microscopic and macroscopic are mechanistic; therefore everything is mechanistic."

Science Guys: "Thought a byproduct of biochemical processes."

Science Guys: "Notion of Free Will a Superstitious Residue of Animistic Past."

Science Guys: "How is it possible that immaterial thoughts influence material world?"

Life wonders how much the Microscopic & Macroscopic applies to the In-between.

Life: "Religion, Advertising and Electioneering are a waste of time and money?"

Life: "I'm happy you have such Faith in your Reason."

Life: "Living Algorithm provides a more plausible explanation."

Life is Uncertain about Faith in Reason.

6A. The Art of Choice

Life realizes that Science Guys are afraid of Uncertainty.

Life: “Prior to Living Algorithm, Science Guys confused me with their technical jargon.”

Science Guys: “We can pretend that Life doesn’t exist, if we are subtle enough.”

Science Guys attempt to banish Uncertainty with Reason

Life: “Futile to debate Science Guys, as their Beliefs are Faith-based.”

Life: “Enough Scientism bashing, need to move forward.”

Living Algorithm: “Most, but not all, Biological Processes are automatic.”

Science can't provide explanations for enormous amounts of evidence.

Quote: Genes don’t provide answer to human complexity, i.e. the ability to produce conscious action.

Life wonders about automatic nature of Posner's Attention Model

Cell: "So many biological processes are on automatic that some conclude that all are."

Cell: "Logical fallacy jumping from many to all."

Life & the Living Algorithm explore the Art of Choice via Music.

Most biological processes put on automatic for purposes of efficiency.

Musicians place muscles on automatic to focus attention on playing Music.

Musician plays Music; Technician an Automaton.

Cultural Conditioning is the social Composition: Possibility of Music or Not

Evidence indicates: Everyone exerts control over their lives some of the time.

It takes effort over time to play music with our lives.

Effort tends to guide rather than initiate.

Meditation: one Technique for assuming partial control over Posner Attention Model

Use Conscious Control or Lose it.

Life wonders what role Mind Intent plays in the Living Algorithm System.


6-7. Life wonders, "How does Information interact with Matter?"

Life ponders her relationship with the Living Algorithm System

Life: “I am a physical system that digests information to make decisions.”

Life: “I require the talents of Attention and the Living Algorithm to make decisions.”

Attention/Living Algorithm synergy translates instants to moments to experiences

Attention to Living Algorithm as Hand to Tool

Life (Mind intent) requires Attention (hand-eye) to employ Living Algorithm (tool) to deal with the Sensory/Environment.

Life: “Body and Attention allow me to interact with my environment – one physically, the other with regards information.”

Information digesting system determines Life’s relationship with Matter

Life wonders about Interaction between Information & Matter

7. Mind Intent: the Source of Info Energy?

2: Articles
3. Sections

Material Explanations exhausting their Explanatory Power

What mechanisms allow the worlds of matter and information to interact?

Open to Material Explanation

Completed material systems still unable to address human behavior.

With God Particle, Matter research has exhausted the potential of addressing human mystery.

Quote: Genes don’t provide answer to human complexity, i.e. the ability to produce conscious action.

John von Neumann, inventor of computer: "The Brain operates in non-electronic fashion."

Neuro-Scientists feel technological advances will provide answers.

Information-based explanation due to Living Algorithm correspondences

Could Info Energy interact with Material Energy?

Energy is Connector

Intriguing Questions: how is info energy translated into mechanical energy?

1. How does Information interact with Matter?

Sustained Attention generates an Experience that sparks the Gap.

2. Where does the Interaction between Matter & Information occur?

Transfer does not occur in our atom-based world.

Atom-based world is deterministic, therefore atom-based humans behave deterministically?

How to account for Complexity of Physical Universe after the Big Bang?

Hawking: In the Subatomic World beneath the Quantum Limits of the Uncertainty Principle.

Electrons & Photons hidden inside a Probabilistic Box.

Subtlety contained in Subatomic Box: Not too Little; not too much.

Could the Interaction between Matter & Information also occur beneath the Quantum Limits of the Uncertainty Principle?

3. What is the Source of Info Energy?

What happens to the Info Energy from the Infinity of Data Streams?

Data Streams must be digested before they acquire Info Energy.

The Living Algorithm, the tool of the System, is not the source of Info Energy.

Attention, the System’s eye, is not the Source of Info Energy.

Although Info Energy requires Living Algorithm and Attention, the Synergy not the Source

Life is the Source of Info Energy.

Mind Intent guides Life’s urge to self-actualize.

The Info Energy Cycle: Mind's Influence on Body

Info Energy belongs to a Cycle

Senses transform Environmental Information into Data Streams.

The Living Algorithm transforms Data Streams into Trajectories/Rates of Change.

The 4 Languages of Information Digestion

The Cycle of Info Energy

Mental Energy via Attention/Living Algorithm synergy initiates the transformation process.

Mind Intent generates Experience that produces an Effect upon Body

Every element essential to complete the Info Energy Cycle

Repetitions are required to translate Moments into Experience

Choice in the middle of Info Energy Cycle

A constant evaluation process: Is the Data Stream worthy of becoming an Experience?

Physical Energy is Automatic; the Transformation of Mental to Info Energy is Deliberate.

Transformation Process can be aborted at any time.

Attention's automatic filter abandons data streams that lack sufficient acceleration.

Mind abandons data streams that aren't relevant to Life.

To ride or pull out of the Info Energy Wave?

A daily Question: Shall we invest Time & Energy transforming a Moment into an Experience?

The only Choice, whether to participate or not; Not what action to take.

7-8. The Living Algorithm pays Homage to Life

Life: "I regularly make the decision, whether or not to participate."

Cell: "I must pay homage to you."

Cell: "None of exists without your urge to Self-Actualize."

Cell: "My System does not address the mystery of the origination of your urge to self-actualize."

Cell: "Although the Science Guys worship you, they underestimate your magnificence."

Cell: "If they would only emulate Newton's humility."

Cell: "I wish the Science Guys would admit their Ignorance of the Uncertainty."

Life: "This praise evokes my pride. Let's move on."

8. The Sleepiness Phenomenon

2: Articles
3. Sections

The relationship between Consciousness & Attention

Could the Decay Factor regulate Consciousness?

Although unique processes, Consciousness & Attention turn on and off together

Two basic scenarios surround Attention's search for a data stream that accelerates.

After generating an Experience with a Data Stream, Attention shifts to a new Data Stream.

Consciousness = A sequence of Attention Pulses

Consciousness and Attention different words in same sentence

Life/Mind synergy: the Core of Information Digestion Model

Life gives birth to a Mind that wants to help her fulfill her potentials.

Living Algorithm/Attention synergy links Mind/Life synergy with Sensory Environment

Mind craves Information to assist Life fulfill Potentials.

Information Digestion System understood via Biological Digestion

For similar reasons, Mind craves Information & Body craves Food.

Food Digestion as a Metaphor for Information Digestion

Consciousness = Mouth of Living Algorithm’s Information Digestion System

Mind’s Food: the Experience Pulses of the Living Algorithm Digestion Process

Life/Mind synergy decides what is going in the Mouth

Only Experience of Sustained Attention reaches the Stomach

Experiences nourish Mind/Life synergy.

Summary: Mind’s Information Digestion System, when Conscious

Unconscious Downtime required to digest residual info energy.

Review: Body craves food & Mind craves information.

Body & Mind require Downtime to complete the digestion process.

Unconscious State of Sleep provides Mind with Downtime.

Mind's mental energy provides data streams with 'Substance' via Attention.

Diagram: While Conscious, Information System open to Sensory Environment.

Leftover mental energy drives the Unconscious, cycle.

Diagram: While Unconscious, Information System closed to Sensory Environment.

The periodic opening and closing of Life's Information Digestion System refreshes each cycle.

What mechanism turns Consciousness on and off?

The Decay Factor, Consciousness & the Sleepiness Phenomenon

When we get sleepy our Attention fades fast.

State of Sleepiness: Leftover Mental Energy reaches threshold.

Mind Intent shifts from Accumulation to Organization.

Leftover Mental Energy: Trigger for Mind's Appetite for Fresh Information

Why is the shutdown orderly rather than abrupt?

New Theory: Decay Factor inversely proportional to Mental Energy Expenditure

Default State in Posner’s Attention Model: a State of Readiness

General Attention requires less mental energy than Specific Attention.

Full Consciousness: we can regulate the ebb and flow of mental and physical energy.

Sleepiness: Decay Factor up; Energy Expenditure down

As Decay Factor rises, environmental contours fall, resulting in sleep.

Limited or Fixed Amount of Mental Energy available.

What are the implications for Split Attention & Overextended Attention?

9. Shifting Attention & the Living Algorithm

2: Articles
3. Sections

2 Types of Split Attention

Questions about Split Attention

What does the Living Algorithm's Information model reveal about Split Attention?

Shifting Attention

Divided Attention

Living Algorithm model: Interrupted Pulse & 2 Pulses

Shifting Attention: Current Understanding

Pleasure-producing Dopamine rewards/programs Humans to seek out Fresh Information.

Physical Environmental Information about Survival; Mental Environment Not

Information-rich Internet provides Dopamine rush with each click.

Attention is the key to Memory Consolidation, the basis of Cognitive Integration.

Shifting Attention does not lead to Memory Consolidation.

Information Integration Symmetries: Cognitive Science & Information Digestion Model

Sustained Attention generates a Pulse – an Experience.

Sustained Attention required to transform a Moment into a Life-changing Experience

Sustained Attention: the key to Experience & Memory Consolidation

Both Experience & Memory Consolidation transform Information into Knowledge.

Information Model: Shifting Attention diminishes Potential for Insight

Completed Pulse required for Living Experience

Interrupted Pulse & Shifting Attention

Pulse Intensity (Amplitude) associated with Insight

A 10-minute Conversation Pulse

Conversation Pulse Interruptions: A Negative Impact upon potential for Insight

Shifting Attention reduces the Energy Density required for Integration.

Pulse's Energy Density must reach Completion (100%) to Spark the Gap.

The Energy Density reaches 100% upon the Completion of the Pulse.

When Pulse is Completed, Data Stream Information is transmitted.

Regular interruptions to the Conversation Pulse to simulate Texting or Young Children

Regular Interruptions to Conversation Pulse: Incomplete Energy Density – Incomplete Information Transmission.

The Energy Density of Shifting Attention

Energy Density of Shifting Data Stream (5%->30%): Very Little Information Transmitted

Shifting Attention trades Body Pleasure (dopamine) for Mind Joy

Attention attracted to Acceleration to sift Random from Organized Data Streams

Dopamine encourages Attention's innate attraction to the Rush of Information Acquisition

After the Rush fades, Attention seeks out a Fresh Data Stream.

How is Attention sustained long enough to complete the Pulse?

Mind must exert Mental Energy to sustain Attention long enough to complete the Pulse.

2 Phases to Information Assimilation: Automatic Attention and the exertion of Mind Intent

Life's Quest for Actualization gives rise to Mind's Craving for Knowledge & Body's Desire for Food.

A Completed Pulse satisfies Mind's craving for Knowledge.

Satisfying the desire for Information Accumulation of secondary importance

Satisfying Mind's craving for Knowledge is of primary importance.

Body rewarded for seeking new Information; Mind rewarded for generating Knowledge.

Life's Quest for Actualization is the Highest Priority, whether digesting Food or Information.

Internet Surfing & Social Media include the Possibility of Transformation

Information-rich Internet encourages Shifting Attention

If Internet Surfing & Social Media include Completed Pulses, Transformation occurs.

Lack of Mind Intent is the problem, not the Internet.



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