Attention, Life & the Living Algorithm
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0: Life's Foreword

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Life ruminates on her relationship with the Living Algorithm

An Ambiguous Beginning

Why does Living Algorithm's Triple Pulse correspond with Life's Human Behavior?

Could Life employ the Living Algorithm to digest Data Streams?

Why did Life choose the Living Algorithm's Triple Pulse?

What Mechanism provides the Link between Information & Matter?

1: The Primacy of Attention

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Why does Living Algorithm's Triple Pulse correspond with Life's Human Behavior?

Why Attention is Life's Substance

Conscious and Subconscious Attention

Attention differentiates Matter from Life

Working Definitions for Life, the Living Algorithm & Attention

Attention: Life's original filter

2. Attention: a Filter of Random Signals

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How does Attention/Living Algorithm synergy create Meaning?

Primary Function of Attention: Filtering out Random Noise

Data Stream Intensity differentiates Random from Sustained Signal.

Data Stream Density also differentiates Random from Sustained Signal.

Attention attunes to Data Stream Accelerations (Intensity & Density) to screen out Random Signals

3: The Importance of Repetition for Experience

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‘Experience’ in the context of Information Dynamics

Neurological Evidence for the Importance of Timed Repetition

Interruptions block Experience

3A. The Biological Hierarchy & the Living Algorithm

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Communication in the Biological Hierarchy

Digital Directives & Requests initiate Analog Execution

Top-Down Directives vs. Bottom-Up Requests

Attention/Living Algorithm Synergy: 1D Instants, 2D Moments, 3D Life Experience

Summary: Repetition required to generate an Experience

4. The Living Algorithm's Decay Factor

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Consolidating what we have learned

Where does Life come into the picture?

Living Algorithm Algebra: D, the Decay Factor

Graphs: Decay Factor’s Range applied to a Single Point

Graphs: Decay Factor’s Range applied to an Individual Data Stream

5. Posner's Attention Model & the Decay Factor

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Posner's Attention Model

Review: The Living Algorithm & Information Dynamics

Decay Factor determines Contours of Info-Dynamics Landscape

Regulating the Decay Factor to move between General & Specific Attention

High Decay Factor setting is Energy Efficient.

Information Digestion Model applied to Posner’s 3 Networks

Speculations about the Conservation of Mental Energy

6. Science Guys vs. Life on Choice

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A Cool Response to Life’s Enthusiasm

Life’s Insight: Science Guys afraid of Uncertainty

Life asks for plausible Explanation for Cultural Evidence.

Science Guys justify their Mechanistic Explanation with Reason.

Life wonders how much the Microscopic & Macroscopic applies to the In-between.

6A. The Art of Choice

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Life realizes that Science Guys are afraid of Uncertainty.

Living Algorithm: “Most, but not all, Biological Processes are automatic.”

Life & the Living Algorithm explore the Art of Choice via Music.

7. Mind Intent: the Source of Info Energy?

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Material Explanations exhausting their Explanatory Power

Could Info Energy interact with Material Energy?

1. How does Information interact with Matter?

2. Where does the Interaction occur?

3. What is the Source of Info Energy?

The Info Energy Cycle: Mind's Influence on Body

Choice in the middle of Info Energy Cycle

8. The Sleepiness Phenomenon

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The relationship between Consciousness & Attention

Life/Mind synergy: the Core of Information Digestion Model

Information Digestion System understood via Biological Digestion

Unconscious Downtime required to digest leftover mental energy.

The Decay Factor, Consciousness & the Sleepiness Phenomenon

9. Shifting Attention & the Living Algorithm

2 Types of Split Attention

Shifting Attention: Current Understanding

Information Integration Symmetries: Cognitive Science & Information Digestion Model

Information Model: Shifting Attention diminishes Potential for Insight

Shifting Attention reduces the Energy Density required for Integration.

Shifting Attention trades Body Pleasure (dopamine) for Mind Joy

Internet Surfing & Social Media include the Possibility of Transformation

10. Divided Attention & Information Dynamics

Competition between Primary & Secondary Attention

Definitions: Significant, Insignificant & No Attention

Quantity of Physical & Mental Energy is Fixed, i.e. a Constant.

Sustained Attention, Data Stream Acceleration, Number Strings & the Ideal Pulse

The Mathematics of Attention

The Mathematics of Divided Attention

11. The Mathematics of Attention

A. Living Algorithm's Derivatives: Living Average & Directional

Reflexive Living Algorithm Equations: Disobedient & Open

Ongoing Number Strings & Pulse Strings

Pulse Strings: Specific Number of Identical Elements

Processes are Answers to Living Algorithm's Number String Equations

B. A Brief Example of the Computational Process

C. Startling Answers of Living Algorithm's Number String System

D. The Algebra of Attention, Experience & Information/Knowledge

E. Attention Formula: Testable Predictions

9. The Living Algorithm's Evolutionary Potential (New)

Life ponders whether Living Algorithm provides Evolutionary Advantages

Introduction: Meta-Context

Living Algorithm's Predictive Power crucial for Complex Life Forms

16: The Living Algorithm's Evolutionary Potential (Old)

Introduction: Meta-Context

Living Algorithm's Predictive Power crucial for Complex Life Forms

Computing and Sensing Acceleration, another crucial evolutionary talent

Attention required to sense the senses

Attention focuses upon Acceleration to differentiate Order from Chaos

Parallels between the digestion of Information & Food

Conclusions: Potentials of the Living Algorithm’s Predictive Power

17: Drives, Emotions & Predictive Data Processing

Introduction (Continuation of Evolutionary Potentials)


Mathematical Roots of Internal Drives

Predictive vs. Exact Data Processing

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