Triple Pulse B
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6. Triple Pulse & Sleep Deprivation

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Original Inference from ideal Triple Pulse

Initial Inferences from the Triple Pulse Experiment

Experimental Evidence for Harm of Sleep Deprivation

What Mechanism links the Triple Pulse to Sleep Deprivation?

7. The Triple Pulse & the Necessity of Sleep

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21st Century State of Science regarding the Necessity of Sleep

Triple Pulse Mathematics: The Necessity of Sleep

8. The Triple Pulse & the Importance of Naps

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Triple Pulse Model: Elasticity of Time Increments

Experimental Facts regarding Naps

Could Naps/Sleep provide the downtime required to digest Information?


9. The Liminals & the Subconscious

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Two Latent Mysteries of Triple Pulse Study

Zeroing out the Triple Pulse

21st Century Science: Brain 'unbelievably active' during sleep

Definitions: Conscious, Unconscious, & Subconscious

The Liminals & the Subconscious: some casual Associations

Tentative Explanation of Neurological Mystery

10. The Triple Pulse & the Biology of Sleep

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Biological Mechanisms behind Sleep

The Living Algorithm's Living Average (the 1st Derivative of a Data Stream)

A Mathematical Battle between 0s & 1s

The System 'stagnates' if either Process C or S wins the war.

Criterion: Which Model provides greater Explanatory Power?

Alternating Process C (the 1 string) & Process S (the 0 string) prevents Stagnation & maximizes Mental Vitality.

Why Data Stream Derivatives might symbolize Available Mental Energy

Derivatives/Mental Energy Correspondence applied to C & S processes

A Number's Information Energy works to change Living Average to its Value.

The Complementary Tasks of Process Sleep and Process Conscious

Play of Mathematical and Biological Forms

11. Living Algorithm System: Mathematical Web for Cognitive Mysteries

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Growing Web of Correspondence between Living Algorithm& Reality

Conceptual Evolution of Mathematical Constructs

A Causal Relation? Why are the Triple Pulse & Behavioral Phenomena linked?


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