7. Subatomics, Info Packets & Music


7. Subatomics, Info Packets & Music is the seventh Notebook in the Information Dynamics series. It consists of a series of articles that develope the notion that subatomics, such as electrons and photons, are better conceived of as info packets. To achieve this end, we examine the idiosyncracies of the subatomic world. In so doing, it is discovered that at least 3 orthogonal planes are required to define Reality: the atomic, the subatomic, and the living matter of Info Dynamics. These 3 planes have both similarities and distinct differences. The atomic and subatomic worlds are unitary, hence completely predictable. In contrast, living matter is not unitary, hence is only roughly predictable. While the atomic world can be conceived as consisting of particles, the behavior of living matter, like subatomics, is based upon the contextual meaning of info packets.

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Article Table of Contents (Key below) Headings Pages
1. Unitary Subatomics & Obedient Equations: an ideal match 3/4 4
2. Disobedient Subatomics 3/4 7
3. The Disobedient Subatomic World 3/4 4
4. Particles as Info Packets 3/4 8
5. Partial Reflection: Spinning Arrows as Info Packets 3/4 8
6. Light Spreading: Subatomic Event Arrows as Info Packets 3/4 8
7. Subatomics & Thought 3/4 9
8. Subtlety between the Cracks of Approximation 3/4 5
9. Subatomic Loose Ends 3/4 6
10. The Limits of Metaphor 3/4 5
Totals 10 64