7. Subatomics, Life & the Living Algorithm
Section Headings

1. Unitary Subatomics ideal for Either/Or Logic

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Obedient Equations for Obedient Matter

Although the Subatomics are Unitary, the Material World is not.

2. Disobedient Subatomics

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Misbehaving Subatomics: Electrons & Photons

Standard Definitions

Electrons, Photons & Life: Individual Unpredictability, Collective Predictability

Electrons, Living Algorithm & Humans context-based; Atoms content-based

Electrons, Photons & Humans: The Probability of Behavior

3. The Disobedient Subatomic World

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Subatomic World is Disobedient relative to Space & Energy

Subatomic World: Orthogonal Plane, not Building Blocks

Subatomics, Living Algorithm & Life: all Disobedient

4. Particles as Information Packets

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Electrons & Photons, as information packets

Sight-driven Science uncomfortable with auditory logic of Information Packets

Electrons and Atoms: Significant Differences regarding Position and Location

The Logic of Sound vs. the Logic of Sight

5. Partial Reflection: Spinning Arrows as Info Packets

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Partial Reflection: from Light Waves to Particulate Photons

Feynman’s Mathematical Technique determines What happens, not Why.

Feynman’s Arrows: Probability Amplitudes

Spinning Arrows as Evidence for Info Packet Hypothesis

Examples of Spinning Information from Words & Music

6. Light Spreading: Subatomic Event Arrows as Info Packets

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Primacy of Event Arrow over Individual Photon

Spreading Photons as Evidence for Info Packet Hypothesis

Photon as a Information Packet

Conceptual Metaphor based in Sound

Photons give up Information to Measurement Devices

7. Subatomics & Thought

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Auditory Logic to better understand Subatomic Info Packets

Subatomic Time Travel

Music, as a means of understanding Subatomic Time Travel

Thoughts, as quanta of mental energy

Context: a factor in Thoughts & Subatomic Behavior

Nonlinear nature of Subatomics & Thoughts

Mind Intent generates a Pulse of Experience, which can change behavior.

8. Subtlety between the Cracks of Approximation

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Approximations can hide possibility.

Amazing Happenings beneath the limits of scientific understanding.

Approximation based upon Simplification required for comprehension.

Experience-based Phenomena Slip between the Computational Cracks

9. Subatomic Loose Ends

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Disobedient to Traditional Constructs

Term ‘Particle’ hides true nature of Disobedient Subatomics

Obedient & Disobedient Subatomic Particles

The Disobedient Structure of Protons & Neutrons

10. The Limits of Metaphor

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Metaphorical Understanding

Conceptual Meta-for: Logical Structure ‘above’ the Facts

Music & Subatomics: common features

The Info Packet Metaphor

Metaphorical Breakdown: Humans, a vital part of the Info Packet Metaphor


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