Don Lehman Jr.


I, Don Lehman Jr., am an amateur mathematician/scientist. I have spent over 40 years (my entire adult life) researching the relationship between mathematics and human behavior. My investigation has yielded some dramatic results.

I have uncovered a mathematical system (Data Stream Dynamics) that characterizes the method by which all living systems digest information, i.e. transform raw data into a useful form. The info comes in the form of data/image streams that are ultimately supplied by Integral Membrane Proteins (IMPs). In such a manner, my so-called Information Digestion (ID) Model has both biological and mathematical foundations.

Life's ID system permeates our behavior and very existence. In addition to our Body, evolution operates on ID system. All of our findings are grounded in empirical evidence, that while resistant to quantification are clearly identifiable and indisputable phenomena, e.g. relics.

The dynamics of information that provides the mathematical foundation for our ID model provides a method whereby living systems derive meaning from a series of sensory images (data streams). This perspective is in direct contrast to static information theory, which has deliberately stripped information of meaning.

Following is a cool graph that represents the Fractal Nature of Pascal's Triangle.