3. Data Stream Dynamics


This Notebook is highly significant in that it is devoted to developing the mathematical constructs behind Data Stream Dynamics (DSD). The series of 16 articles (listed below) illustrates how DSD shares the same architecture of constructs as does Newtonian dynamics. For instance, both mathematical systems contain the notions of velocity, acceleration, force, power and entropy. This is no coincidence as Newtonian dynamics provided the inspiration for DSD.

Although they share the same constructs, DSD is more applicable to living behavior associated with Attention, while Newtonian dynamics is more applicable to material behavior. In this sense, they are complementary systems.

DSD is incredibly important as it provides the mathematical foundation for the author's Theory of Attention. According to the theory, Attention employs the Living Algorithm (LA) to digest data streams, the informational food of living systems. In so doing, the LA generates a mathematical system - Data Stream Dynamics. This Notebook illustrates how this occurs.

Other Notebooks illustrate the connection between Attention and DSD. For instance, an abundance of evidence indicates that the Rhythms of Attention naturally entrain to the mathematical rhythms of DSD. Further, interlocking biological networks seem to have evolved to take advantage of the LA's talents. Finally, the forms of DSD appear to have provided the restrictions that enabled the growth of complexity in living systems.

Ignoring these correspondences, the current Notebook primarily develops the Dynamics of Data Streams as generated by the LA. The chapter heading provide a link to the article. For section headings, click on the green 3. For paragraph headings, click on the green 4.


Articles Headings Pages
0. Introduction to Data Stream Dynamics 3/4 4
1. Living Algorithm Algebra 3/4 7
2. The Living Algorithm Family 3/4 6
3. Data Stream Velocity & Acceleration 3/4 7
4. Data Stream Space & Time 3/4 12
5. Data Stream Mass & Attention 3/4 10
6. Data Stream Force, a Historical Perspective 3/4 13
7. Data Stream Work 3/4 7
8. Information Energy 3/4 9
9. Data Stream Power 3/4 11
10. Divergence: Living Algorithm vs. Material Dynamics 3/4 8
11. Data Stream Dynamics: Integration 3/4 9
12. The Two Components of Mass: Inertia & Substance 3/4 9
13. Data Stream Energy Density 3/4 12
14. The Two-way Interaction between Matter & Information 3/4 4
Totals   128