Data Stream Dynamics A
Section Headings

0. Introduction to Living Algorithm Dynamics

2: Articles
4. Paragraphs

Recapitulation & a New Question

Preparing the Mental Ground

0A. Derivatives: Data Streams vs. Calculus

2: Articles
4. Paragraphs

Introduction to Derivatives

The Fundamentals of Calculus

The Living Algorithm’s Derivatives

Differences: Calculus Derivatives vs. Data Stream Derivatives

Only the 1st two derivatives are significant in the material dynamics.

Higher Data Stream Derivatives of great significance in the dynamics of information

1. Living Algorithm Algebra: her Essences

2: Articles
4. Paragraphs

The Urge to Symbolize Experience through Mathematics

The Living Algorithm's Symbolic Form – her Algebraic Elements

Living Algorithm & Life: self-referential & regenerative

Links between the Living Algorithm and the Cell

2. The Living Algorithm Family

2: Articles
4. Paragraphs

The General Living Algorithm

Living Algorithm’s Family of Measures

Living Algorithm’s Dynamic Nature revealed through Graphic Visualization

Summary & Direction

3: D