IV: The Creative Pulse

Table of Contents


The Creative Pulse is an extension of the discoveries of the mathematics of behavior that were laid out in the first Scientific Mega-Pulse, Data Stream Momentum. It develops a new notion - the power of sustained Attenion, which leads to the Creative Pulse. This mathematical model is based upon the inner nature of Newtonian physics – no matter, no space, no time - just data streams. It makes distinct predictions about interruptions to a productive session.

11. The Experiment

0. Foreword

1. Previews: Sleep, the Creative & Competing Alliances

2. The Data

3. Data Sets & Crazy Correlations

4. Meditation enhances the Creative

5. Just the Right Amount of Work best for Vitality

6. Summary & Conclusion

12. Power & Creative Heat

13. The Creative Pulse

1. History of the Creative Pulse

2. Unacceptable Models of the Creative Pulse

3. At last a Handle

4. Mathematical Modeling

5. The Higher Directionals

6. Graphs of an Interrupted Break: Undiscussed