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11.0 Foreword to Book 4

Review of Scientific Obsessions

1994-1995: Book 1 The Dynamics of Behavior

So here it is nearly a decade later. On November 20, 1994 my Person started writing his first Science Notebook, called Spiral Time Theory. September 20, 1995 exactly 10 months later this burst of scientific energy finally burned itself out. Nine and a half Notebooks were written for nearly 500 pages. My Person calls this collection of writings, The Dynamics of Human Behavior.

The names of his Notebooks are diverse and numbered. They are as follows: 1. Spiral Time Theory, 2. Data Stream Momentum, 3. Decaying Averages, 4. Boredom Principle, 5. Derivatives, 6. Deviation Study, 7. Seed & Root Equation, 8. Time, Fractal Response, 9. Fractionals, 10. More Deviations, 11. The Experiment, 12. Fuzzy Line Theory, 13. Potential Impact, 14., 15., 16. Emptiness Principle. (Those in bold print have been finished. The others were just a little more than titles and projections.)

1999-2000 Book 2, A Family of Numbers or A Quest Metaphor based upon Numbers

My Person had given up this scientific part of himself Ôfor goodŐ, when Jimmy the Physicist inspired another outburst beginning May 18, 1999 and finishing nearly 9 months later January 11, 2000. He finished and polished 4 Notebooks and called the series A Family of Numbers. These were the titles of his numbered Notebooks. 20. Square Root Family, 21. Higher Roots, 22. Root Beings, 23. Leftovers. Each of them was finished for a total of 336 pages.

2002: Book 3, The Experiment

Anyway here we are 25 years from the beginning of The Experiment, doing something we could never have anticipated. We, the conglomerate of selves that I associate with my Person, are writing a third scientific book - this time on the Experiment itself. The First Book, while referring to the Experiment, focused primarily upon developing a mathematical theory of the dynamics of behavior. Little energy was focused upon the Experiment or any experimental results. The Second Book, while extending from the mathematics of The First Book was purely about equations, derivations, graphs and the Spiritual Quest, with no reference at all to the Experiment. To be honest my Person had written the Experiment off as something interesting that had been a catalyst for the other Books but with no inherent interest itself. Then came some casual calculations and correlations. The bottom dropped out - And we emerged inside out coming up from the bottom of the ocean. Following is a graph of this output of scientific energy.

Graph of Scientific Obsessions 1976->2002

Behold my PersonŐs Scientific Obsessions. When the Scientific urge traps him, it is nearly all he can do to hold himself back from doing it all the time. When it is over, it comes to a dead halt. It is as if my Person went into a fever or a sickness, - then finally the temperature broke - The Person gets well and might be able to do normal things, if he is lucky and doesnŐt get swept away by another Creative Urge that will overwhelm his Being with the exultation of discovery. This enlivens existence and encourages his addiction, which leads to another round of Self-destructive behavior. This is good – to destroy the Self – to fling oneself upon the Wave of Life, merging with the One - losing the Cult of Person-ality, which is at the root of so much of our human pain.

The Obsession gets worse

My Person has caught a few Scientific waves in his day - But the obsession is rarely short, almost always over many months - The addiction seems to be growing worse as the last few waves have overwhelmed my Person for over 6 months at a time. It is as if my Person is in a trance and can think of nothing else - as if he is in love and canŐt quit thinking about his Beloved. Intoxicated he can barely communicate - losing himself beneath the surface of the Sea - only rising briefly for air - not even long enough to look around - diving back beneath the ocean into the depths of the sea - having found AladdinŐs secret cave - filled with treasures - beyond imagining - and he doesnŐt want to return home - but he is running out of air - and needs to return to the surface before it is too late - but it may already be too late - the virus has infected the Person - thereŐs nothing to be done, but to let it run its course - try to keep down the temperature so that the patient in his delirium doesnŐt do any damage to his surroundings - hopefully he will destroy his self conceptions which cause so much pain, lost in the Void of Emergence. Amen.

If youŐre daring, read on into this virtual world of Creativity, Alliances, Positive and Negative Bundles, and the manifestation of Power.


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