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13. The Creative Pulse

1: History of the Creative Pulse
A. The Beginnings of a Mathematical Model
2: Unacceptable Models of the Creative Pulse
A. The Mechanical
B. Decaying Average Model: unaffected by Interruption
C. Deviation Model: can’t reflect negative urge
3. At last a Handle
A. The First Directional satisfies many criteria
B. Beginning Creative Momentum
C. 2 measures of impact
D. All minutes the same in Mechanical and Decaying Average
E. Directional or Creative Momentum
F. Parameters of multiple interruptions
4. Mathematical Modeling
A. Single Interruption splits into 2 peaks
B. Longer interruptions
C. Multiple interruptions
D. Long Interruptions
5. The Higher Directionals
A. The first 6 Directionals
B. A Closer Look at the Higher Directionals
C. Examining the Two Dimensions of Existance
D. Results
6. Graphs of an Interrupted Break: Undiscussed