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11. The Experiment

0. Foreword to Book 4
A. Review of Scientific Obsessions
1: Previews: Sleep, the Creative & Competing Alliances
A. Impetus: Experimenter wants to motivate Subject
B. The misguided quest to limit Sleep to increase Life
C. Sleep belongs to Health Alliance, which allows the Creative
D. The Kid Alliance, +30% average interaction
E. Sleep influenced by external environmental forces
F. The Battle for Creative Time
2: The Data
A. Brief History of the Data Streams
B. Fuzzy Data has validity despite major flaws
C. Uncalled for Scientific Explosions
3: Data Sets & Crazy Correlations
A. Types
B. Data Set consistency
C. Sex vs. Kids, a negative or positive correlation?
4: Meditation enhances the Creative
A. Role of Will power
B. Guardians push my Person into Meditation
C. The Power of Meditation
D. The Healthy 3
5: Just the Right Amount of Work best for Vitality
A. Too much Work attacks Vitality
B. Too little Work also bad for Vitality
6: Summary & Conclusion