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11.6 Summary

Section 1

Reviewing what weÕve gone over in this Notebook:

In Section 1A, we learned that the impetus for The Experiment was based upon our PersonÕs desire to maximize his creative productivity. In order to facilitate the transformation he hoped to achieve, our Person differentiated into multiple personalities, including Subject, Experimenter, Observer, Scientist, and Writer, to name a few. This group began the accumulation and eventual analysis of data related to the activities that our Person performed on a daily, weekly, yearly and even decade level. This had nothing to do with quality of time spent and everything to do with quantity of time spent. 1B) One of the Actions that was studied was Sleep. Initial mechanical assumptions about Sleep reduction turned out to be misguided and had to be replaced by a more organic view. First it was discovered that Will operating on Sleep had virtually no effect. It seemed that Sex and Kids were much more influential. This illustrated that the Actions were highly interrelated and not at all independent of each other. Second it was discovered that the potential impact of Sleep on the other Activities was negligible at best. 1C) More importantly it was discovered that Sleep belonged to an Alliance of Activities associated with Health and Creativity. For the 11 years that was examined, an increase in Sleep actually stimulated an increase in Healthful Activities, which in turn inspired more Creative Productivity. In this part we also examined the Health Alliance, a group of mutually supportive activities. 1D) There was another Alliance of mutually supportive activities based around children or Kid Time. This Alliance was decidedly hostile or negative to the Creative Activities. 1E) Centered around Kids this Alliance was also extremely hostile to Sleep as were both Work and School. Each of these three were external influences. Again these externals surpassed internal Will on their influence on Sleep. While Work was negative with Sleep it was neutral with regards the Creative. Further as expected the Kid Alliance and the Health Alliance were extremely hostile to each other, almost like rival gangs. 1F) While the above two Alliance fought with each other they were internally supportive. This was not true of the Creative 3, i.e. Writing, Art and Science, which were extremely negative towards each other.

Generating the energies of Yin and Yang

Reflecting on the positive influence of the Health Alliance on the Creative, it was surmised that the Healthful Alliance which included Sleep increased Vitality, which increased the tendency of our Subject to Create, while the Kid Alliance tended to consume Vitality which would undermine Creativity. Thus it seemed that the Vitality provided by additional Sleep was more important in stimulating Creative Output than the extra time made available by Sleeping less.

This connects up with Master NiÕs philosophy.

Which is?

When you rest you generate yang energy and when you are active you generate yin energy. The most extreme rest involved with Meditation generates the highest quality yang energy. The most extreme activity associated with Tai Chi generates the highest quality yin energy. They are both needed to balance each other. They augment rather than compete.

Sleep is our natural way of balancing the activity of the Day. If the activity of the day is too sedentary then Sleep is not good. If the Sleep is not good, then the Vitality of the day is not good because the yang energy is not pure. Sleep is not good when disturbed with thoughts and dreams.


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