Article Lists: Applications,

Postulates, & Number String Theorems


7. Subatomics, Info Packets & Music

8. Applications is a repository of smaller Notebooks in the Information Dynamics series. The first illustrates more patterns of correspondence between the Living Algorithm System, the mathematical model underlying Information Dynamics, and behavioral reality. These include the attention span behind the 10-minute rule, the core concept teaching approach, and a baby's behavior.

The second, Number String Theorems, proves mathematically that the Living Algorithm can digest both non-numerical and numerical data streams. In other words, the Living Algorithm System can deal with any kind of sustained data stream, even if it is non-quantifiable. This greatly expands the scope of information digestion.

The third is a logical development of why the patterns of correspondence, 'forced' certain assumptions. These assumptions are the Core Postulates of the Information Dynamics.

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Applications Headings Pages
1. The 10-minute Rule & the Triple Pulse 3/4 7
2. Core Concept vs. a Continuous Lecture 3/4 10
3. Baby Lorry & Information Dynamics 3 10
Number String Theorems    
0. Summary: Number String Theorems - -
1. Number String's Living Average & Directional 3 9
2. Limits: Number String's Living Average & Directional 3 10
10. Core Postulates: Information Digestion Model 3/4 11
Totals   57