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This page contains questions posed by the complex of articles concerning Behaviorial Dynamics.

Inherent Resistance To New Paradigms

Why is there an inherent resistance from the Scientific Establishment to new paradigms for understanding the world - especially those introduced by Outsiders? Article Summary

Why No Scientific Articles?

Why doesn't the Author attempt to publish some scientific articles on Information Dynamics? Why does he instead employ this subsite to propagate and sell this proto science? Article Summary.

The Diverse Applications of the Creative Pulse Theory

Does the Creative Pulse Theory, a key feature of BD, only apply to the process of creativity? Article Summary.

Fractal Regeneration

What is the nature of these ‘Mathematical equations that describe human behavior’? Why is Fractal Regeneration, the mathematics of Information Dynamics, so well suited to the study and modeling of living systems? Why are matter-based formulas inadequate? Article Summary.

Decaying Systems: Types & Appropriate Mathematical Systems

What are the 3 kinds of Decaying Systems? Why are context-based equations more appropriate than content based formulas for the study of the type of regenerative systems that are unique to living systems? Article Summary.

Life's Quest – to discover a New Paradigm

How and why did our fractal scientist embark upon his quest for discovery of the underlying patterns of behavior? Article Summary.

A Mathematical Model for Behavior

A 'mathematical model for behavior'? What does that mean? Is it necessary? Why not some physical, chemical, biological or psychological component instead? And doesn’t the mathematical just reflect the physical anyway? And if so, which physical component does BD's mathematical model reflect? Why don't the hard sciences employ these mathematical models? Isn't this because their equations represent reality – not just a mere copy? Do these artificial mathematical constructs of BD really add anything to our knowledge of human behavior? Do they really represent a new paradigm for the study and organization of human behavior? Article Summary.

Mechanism, Equation & Purpose of BD?

How is that mathematical mechanisms influence our behavior independent of matter and psychology? Why does BD employ context-based rather than the traditional content-based equations? What is the purpose of the study of BD? Article Summary.

Introduction to Practical Applications of the Creative Pulse

Is it necessary to know anything about the technical, philosophical, or theoretical side to BD to understand the practical applications? What are the basic assumptions of behind the Creative Pulse Theory? Article Summary.

Elements & Features of the Creative Pulse

What are the technical elements or features of the Creative Pulse? Article Summary.

Logical Foundations of Information Dynamics

Why is process-based analysis more appropriate for living systems than traditional object-based analysis? What are the logical foundations of process analysis? What are the key differences between the processes of matter, life, and consciousness? Why are the mathematical processes of BD ideally suited for the study of the processes of living systems and consciousness? Article Summary

The Emergence of Scientism

What is the Theory of Mind & why did this innate human feature lead to the notion that matter has motivations? Why did Newton's discoveries dispel this notion - creating a dichotomy between life and matter? Why did the adherents of Science extend the automatic, rule-governed feature of matter to plants, animals, and even humans? Why is this an Indeterminate Inference? How did this give rise to Scientism – a religion derived from Science? What relation is there between Scientism and the current methodology employed to study human behavior? Why does this lead to an antipathy between Scientism and Information Dynamics? Article Summary

Newtonian Constructs exploded to bridge Matter & Life

Why did Newton's scientific community initially resist his force of gravity, the innate attraction between 2 objects, as an occult throwback to the past? How did Einstein resolve this centuries long conflict? What is the meaning of Special and General Newtonian Theory? How did Einstein explode the Special Newtonian Theory to encompass a greater portion of the material world? How does BD explode both the Special and General Newtonian Theory to bridge the worlds of Life and Matter? Article Summary

Why to How & Back Again

How did the shift from the question of Why to How create modern Science? How did the Why question lead to the notion of an animistic universe? Why did the How question lead to the scientific method? What is the general Scientific syllogism and how does this differ from the Correspondence syllogism? Why are mathematical models so powerful? How does the Scientific syllogism turn the syllogistic form into a continuum, rather than an 'either logical or not' proposition? What mechanism led Scientism, the religion of Science, to readopt the Why question? How did they come up with the answer that Life is only made of matter? Why is this answer faith-based rather than logic-based? Article Summary

Scientism, a Civil Religion

Why is Scientism one of Earth's civil religions? What is a civil religion and why are they so powerful? Why are advertisers and propagandists able to manipulate the populace via their implicit beliefs? Why is it in our best interests to expose the implicit, transforming them into explicit? Why do Civil Religions emerge gradually? What is the connection between the successes of technology and Scientism? What corollary civil religions did Scientism spawn? Article Summary

Copernicus & Elegant Simplicity: The Aesthetics of Science

What part did aesthetics play in the development of Copernicus' theories about planetary orbits? Why is a heliocentric Universe more beautiful than a geocentric one? When is Aesthetics more important to scientists than Data? Why is elegant simplicity at the heart of Science? What is it about Simple Systems that appeal to both scientists and God? Is Information Dynamics founded in elegant simplicity? What are the similarities between the theories of Copernicus & BD? Is is possible for the theoretical model to lead the data, rather than describe it? What aspect of the current paradigm frustrated both Copernicus and BD? Article Summary

Scientism rewrites History to vilify its Shadow

Why is there a hostile relation between Scientism and the Church? Why do the followers of Scientism attempt to vilify the Church? In what way does Scientism's version of Galileo's and Copernicus' relation with the Church veer from the facts? Did the new heliocentric view of the Universe really have anything to do with political change? What inspired Copernicus' theory - Science or the Church? Article Summary

The Tao of BD & Emergent Imprecision

What does it mean that all entities have a Tao? How did the connection between the Theory of Mind and the Tao give rise to a belief in spirits? What is the problem, if there is any, with attributing a Tao to things? Do disembodied forces have a Tao? Is there anything superstitious about attributing the human Tao to things? What is the problem with objectification? How does this lead to spirit appeasement, sacrifice and religion? Why are the features of the Tao debatable? How good a job has Science done with defining the Tao of Matter? Why do layers of emergence create inherent Imprecision about knowledge of the Tao? How many basic Taos does it take to describe human behavior? Why is the Tao described by BD a separate Tao? Article Summary

CP3: The Creative Pulse: The 1st Assumption

What is the first assumption behind the Creative Pulse theory? Why did the Creator want to discover a mathematical model of the Interruption Phenomenon? Why do scientists assume that the constructs of a mathematical model reflect the nature of reality if there is a good fit between the empirical and the theoretical? When are the constructs challenged despite a good fit? Why did Copernicus challenge Ptolemy's constructs? And how did this lead the global population to embrace a heliocentric planetary system and the force of gravity as features of reality? Why are the constructs behind the Creative Pulse becoming more real with time? Is it possible to challenge the CP's constructs - despite experiential validation? Why is it important to explore the implications of the CP? Article Summary

CP4: Unassailable Examples: The Interruption Phenomenon & the Power of Models to affect Perception

What kind of evidence supports the Creative Pulse theory? Why does the institutionalization of the Interruption Phenomenon give it more credence? How did this example reveal the power of Interruption to disrupt concentration? Why do the constructs of a successful model define the nature of reality? Although our daily reality is geocentric, why do modern humans believe in a heliocentric reality? What kind of material explanation do scientific materialists have for the Interruption Phenomenon? What kind of technology did my Person employ to explore his questions? What was the insight that led to his discovery? What are the three affirmations that the CP theory satisfied? And why does this mean that the underlying constructs of the theory define reality? Article Summary

CP5: Creative Pulse Project: Context & Method

What is the context of the Creative Pulse Project? What are its 3 branches? What features unify the 3 branches? Did the Author come up with his ideas suddenly or gradually over time? Were these graphs generated to illustrate my Person's personal philosophy of life? Does it matter if the CP Project is a math-based behavioral technology or a science? Is it necessary to characterize these studies as a Science? What is a mathematical technology? What is the method of this 'technology'? How did my Person come up with the computer program behind the graphs? What is a Directional and what relation does it have to the Creative Pulse and the Living Algorithm? Why do the Living Algorithm & Life have an ideal partnership? What do the Living Algorithm and a cell have in common? Why is the Living Algorithm and her family best studied over time? Why does she manifest as a graph? How do the graphs make the information more accessible? Why do these pictorial representations enable anyone to interpret the information? Why is this 'science' egalitarian, as opposed to traditional science, which is hierarchical? Does the Creative Pulse reveal her mysteries through her numbers and equations or by her surface manifestations - her physical beauty - how she behaves over time? Article Summary