Mechanism, Equation & Purpose of BD?
Content vs. Context based Equations


How is that mathematical mechanisms influence our behavior independent of matter and psychology? Why does BD employ context-based rather than the traditional content-based equations? What is the purpose of the study of BD? Article Summary.

What's the Mechanism?

The force of gravity pulls us down. Electric signals are sent through the air transmitting information that can be retrieved and translated for our perusal via TV, radio, or computer. The Brain sends directives via the nervous system to determine our behavior. These forces are all physical in nature. How can an abstract non-physical mathematical equation influence our behavior?

To understand the answer, let's first examine the mysterious nature of these physical forces that we take for granted.

The nature of the elements of matter’s equations as mysterious as God

“G= m/d2 “ & “F = ma”[1] are two well-known equations which are succinct but packed with information. Scientific results have confirmed them so many times that they are taken for granted as facts – even fundamental scientific truths which any serious student of the physical world must have in his or her tool box to employ at any time to explore the prodigious complexities of the material world of prakrti. Yet no one, whether Newton, Maxwell, Einstein, or Feynman, know why they work. The elements and interactions of these ubiquitous equations are as mysterious as God. The veracity and efficacy of the results of these formulas have been established so many times that no one even questions these arcane issues. Unnecessary – because the equations work.

Why & How do Gravity & Electromagnetism work? Fishhooks?

Mass? Heaviness and substantiality somehow generated by scadillions of empty atoms huddling together to somehow register a number on the bathroom scale. Gravity? Which is? Predictable by an equation. That’s all we know. & Around and around we go. No muscles, sinews or bones to do the work. Nothing to describe the essence of force, gravity or electromagnetism. Why are two objects attracted by the force of gravity or influenced by electromagnetic waves? Are there fish lines? Perhaps tiny hands pulling enormous heavenly bodies towards each other? Or maybe invisible lassos? And why inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them?

Equations reflect Reality – as does Mathematical Model of Behavior

Yet we speak about these forces with their equations as something tangible – not because we know what they are or how they do their work, but because these equations invariably predict what the surrounding world of matter will do in certain circumstances – every time, without variation. In a similarly mysterious fashion the mathematical model for behavior – an example of which is the Creative Pulse – reflects the real world – tangibly, predictably, regularly in all facets of life – to daily rests, vacations, fights, panic attacks, going to war and, of course, creative obsession.

What’s the Equation?

Assuming that this virtual force of mathematics exists and somehow influences human behavior what's the defining equation of Information Dynamics? After all many sciences have a core equation. What is the miraculous equation behind these fantastic claims so that we can run some experiments, analyze the elements, and replicate results?

Equation for Living Average

Here is the equation for the Living Average - a key formula in BD. D is a constant – the Decay Factor; X N is the new Data Point; BarX N is the new Living Average & BarX N-1 is the old Living Average.

What kind of equation is that? Where are the forces, energy and such that are so typical of most formulas?

The traditional equations employed to study static matter are content based, while the equations employed to study dynamic behavior are context based. This is a context based equation. (For a more complete discussion check out the Raveled Numbers Notebook.)

Picture of Model’s Equation

What predictions does this so-called context based equation make?

By itself none. However the computer-generated graph derived from it make plenty.

Isn't there a general equation to define the graph?

Not really. The simple equation for decay is employed in a variety of diverse ways to generate the graphs – the model for the Creative Pulse. Here are pictures of the 4th & 5th Directionals – contributors to the Creative Pulse graph. (Notice that the 4th is included in the 5th in 2 different ways.)


A picture?

Sure. Why not? The elements and their interactions are exactly defined – as in any equation. Note the diverse uses of the one element. Each color is a data point, all with values that are relatively independent of each other. (More complete descriptions and some black and white pictures of the higher Directionals.)

A Beautiful, but useless, Formula

How about a formula that summarizes the picture?

Due to the iterative nature of the basic formula - no operable equation exists.


Self-reflexive – Self referential – based upon continual regenerative feedback – the paradox of infinite regression that makes us human.

These iterative equations can’t be summed up into some super equation that would contain the parts?

Did that one time. Came up with a beautiful succinct equation – every mathematician’s dream. Sent chills up my spine - igniting the Crown Chakra at the top of my head – opening the Gateway to Heaven – allowing the angels inside.

However the elements of this super equation are more mysterious and indescribable than Fate, God or Destiny - with no efficacy whatsoever, as the complexity of the computations are prohibitive due to the unpredictable generation of numbers from the live, versus dead, data streams upon which life is based. (To obtain some semblance of order and predictability BD employs context, rather than content, based equations – the decaying measures of a data stream's central tendencies – not the dead central measures of data sets.)

Purpose: Syncing Behavior with Mathematics, the realm of Information Dynamics

Optimize Life Choices -> Sync up with mathematical patterns of behavior

So what’s the thrust of BD?

To reflect the nature of Life’s regenerative interactions – the general character - with my beloved equations. These computer-generated models and such clearly indicate parameters of behavior – as much as the Amygdala and Cerebellum or the Right and Left Brains located in prefrontal cortex suggest parameters. Each, physical and mathematical, exhibit the same general influence upon behavior – establishing general guidelines to take into account when making choices. The Mission Statement of BD is to allow humans to optimize their life choices by syncing up with the natural mathematical patterns, which influence behavior. Ride the Wave rather than fighting it.

Traditional Science of behavior studies human's psycho-bio-chemical nature

To answer the same questions traditional science explores the worlds of life and matter and their regular and permanent intersection – with a combination of psychology, biology, chemistry and physics – providing stable careers for millions of microbiologists, neurologists, and such types in the myriad research jobs provided by the academic profession – constantly refining the nuances of the boundaries of the knowledge of these four intersecting planes.

Behavior Dynamics’ Realm – the Mathematical Plane

In contrast BD’s realm is the mathematical plane. She intersects with these other planes, as well – engaging in a similar oblique, yet direct, interaction with the worlds of matter and life. BD employs purely mathematical systems to exhibit and reveal the tendencies and mechanisms – the underlying nature – of behavior, primarily human (because then it applies to me, too) – certainly a new paradigm.


[1] The Pythagorean theorem – “x2 + y2 = z2” – another well equation, is quite different from the others as it based upon a mathematical foundation, which is always true – no matter what – if certain initial conditions are fulfilled.

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