The Pitch & Qualifications

Information Dynamics Narrative


Why are the discoveries of Information Dynamics important for you, the Reader? What are the qualifications of the Creator? What's the catch? How did a waiter with a sense of destiny discover these naturally occuring mathematical waves? What triggered him to share his findings with the world?

The Pitch

“Greetings friends. I would like to introduce you to the deal of a lifetime. Costs no money – don’t have to go anywhere to get it – no dotted lines to sign – instantly available to anyone in all times and places – forever more. Amen. Herein lies information on how to maximize health, productivity,inspiration and even fun by tapping into natural rhythms. – the Pulse of Life as revealed by the easily comprehended mathematical models of Information Dynamics.”


“Maximize health, productivity and inspiration? Those are mighty claims. What are your qualifications?”

“As a Painter, Novelist, Organist, Historian, Scientist, Dancer, & Chinese Swordsman, I am uniquely qualified to speak about the nature of inspiration, productivity and creative health. Have painted many paintings, written many books, held multiple organ recitals, and teach Chinese weapons, not to mention have an excellent relation with my wife and two daughters. This is not a comment upon the quality of any of these endeavors. It is only to point out that my Person has had a lot of experience with completing long projects while maintaining good relations with his community.”

"This is merely life experience. Are your conclusions solely based on your perception of patterns?"

"Not entirely. I have also been regularly tabulating data regarding hours spent per day on my variety of projects for over 30 years (1976 -> 2011). This data has been crunched into graphs and correlation studies. This Sustained Attention for so many years has yielded some startling insights that I feel impelled to share."

A Maven for Catching Natural Energy Waves

“What’s the catch? What’s in it for you?”

“Just want to help out. No transactions necessary. Am just a Maven1 for naturally occurring energy waves. This is merely an attempt to share some of my research. Have been gathering information for 4 decades on the best natural deals around on how to best maximize personal potentials – including productivity and reaching the Zone.”

“Research? Inspiration? The Zone? What kind of a scientist are you?”

“Neither. Am just a fractal scientist, not a real one – a professional. Don’t even know any scientists. In fact make my living as a waiter.”

A Waiter with a Sense of Destiny

“A waiter? If you have a scientific bent, why didn’t you become a scientist?”

“Had a sense of destiny even as a youth – perhaps because of performing exceptionally well in math – was actually programmed to be a scientist. Got the Call in my early 20s as a college student. Merely hearing about Thomas Kuhn’s Structure of Scientific Revolution inspired my Person to deliberately choose the path of an Outsider to discover a paradigm-shift. Succeeded beyond his wildest imaginings. However didn’t realize this until his 60th year. Read Life’s Quest for more.”

“Why didn’t you reveal your supposed discoveries until now?”

“It wasn’t until the ripe age of 60 that the art or Science of Information Dynamics was finally perfected. The Path wasn’t easy. Actually misinterpreted the results the first time around. Led to a Divine Breakdown – chronicled in a book of the same name. But this eventually led to the Discovery of Quantized Behavior that completed the package. At last the were finally ready for dissemination.”

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"And this sense of completion is what led you to share your findings with the world?"

" "Not really. Actually a Zen-like retreat with some elementary school friends catalyzed the journey outward. They peppered me with questions that focused my Attention upon the more general applications of the Creative Pulse model. Forced me to refine my understanding. If you're interested to the narrative and links to these FAQ check out 'The Zen men pepper me with questions."


1A Jewish word for someone who is impelled to assist others by pointing out good monetary deals on goods and services due to extensive information gathering. In The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell uses the word to indicate a personality type that is essential to the spreading of social trends. They are characterized as those who want to help others out by disseminating useful information that they have accumulated with no reward in mind. In similar fashion, the information in this book is maven-like, in the sense that it is a good deal on personal energy use with negligible cost.