2. The Mathematics of Living Systems


2. The Mathematics of Living Systems is the second Notebook in the Information Dynamics series. The first Notebook, The Triple Pulse & Attention, explored some intriguing correspondence between living behavior and a mathematical system, Data Stream Dynamics (DSD). DSD derives from a single algorithm, the Living Algorithm.

This series of articles investigates the mathematical requirements of living systems. Life requires a mathematics that provides up-to-date information that is both meaningful and predictive. The articles exhibit how the Living Algorithm fulfills these requirements and how the standard mathematics of Probability and Physics are inadequate to the task.

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  Headings Pages
1. Data Stream Mathematics: Requirements 3/4 9
2. Living Algorithm's Predictive Cloud 3/4 7
2a. Living Algorithm's Evolutionary Potentials 3/4 13
3. The Batting Average: Living Algorithm vs. Probability 3/4 8
4. Mathematics of the Moment (vs. Probability) 3/4 6
5. General Patterns vs. Individual Measures 3/4 4
6. Dynamic Causation vs. Static Description 3/4 11
7. Mathematics of Relationship 3/4 3
8. Precision vs. Fungible Meaning 3/4 5
9. Living Algorithm 3/4 9
10. Mathematics of Informed Choice (vs. Deterministic Physics) 3/4 11
11. Living Correlation   9
12. Living Systems: Applying the Living Correlation   9
Totals 13 104