5. Quanta of Information


5. Information Quanta is the fifth Notebook in the Information Dynamics series. It consists of a series of articles that develop the notion of infotons. These are the smallest unit of information that make up the Living Algorithm's digestion process. Employing this fundamental unit, the concepts of information force, power and entropy are more fully developed. In this way, the internal logic of the Pulse (a.k.a. Pulse of Attention) is better understood.

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Articles Headings Pages
0. Introduction: Quanta of Information Energy 3/4 5
1. Quanta of Info Energy: the Living Average Grid 3/4 8
2. Quanta of Info Force I & II: the Directional Grid 3/4 5
3. Quanta of Info Force III 3/4 4
4. Info Quanta in the Active Pulse 3/4 7
5. Info Entropy 3/4 6
Totals   35