Scientific Manifesto & Historical Context
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Ptolemy (100-168 CE) establishes Paradigms of Science     13
Ptolemy: Monotheism & our Paradoxical Polyverse     13
Quantized Planetary Orbits     22
Lucretius: Atomism, the Swerve & Holism     18
Copernicus & Elegant Simplicity: The Aesthetics of Science ? 9
Galileo (1564-1642): A Victim of Academia & Hubris?     14
Galileo: Saint of Freemasonry?     20
Galileo's Relics & the Life Force?     12
Newtonian Constructs exploded to bridge Matter & Life ? 8
Logical Foundations of Information Dynamics ? 5
The Tao of BD & Emergent Imprecision ? 7
Why to What & Back Again ? 9
The Emergence of Scientism ? 8
Scientism, a Civil Religion ? 4
Scientism rewrites History to vilify its Shadow ? 4
Totals 15   172

Scientific Manifesto

The cult of scientism has engulfed the earth. Scientism has an intimate relationship with 2 other ‘isms’ – materialism and capitalism. The tripartite complex is a religion without a moral compass. It could be argued that this is the social religion of the ruling class. As a social religion, the implicit beliefs infiltrate our cognitive structure unbeknownst to us. We unwittingly behave according to its tenets and form opinions based upon its underlying assumptions.

The purpose of this series of articles is to expose these implicit beliefs to the light of the day. In this way, implicit is transformed into explicit. We show that the supposed logic behind the system is yet another religious belief system based upon faith – akin to the Bible-based religions. Rendered unto consciousness, we can choose to be True Believers or to hold judgment in abeyance.

The high priests of scientism hold that Life is a mere function of Matter. It is time to throw off these mental chains. Life deserves to be treated with the respect she deserves. She does not belong at the feet of Matter, subservient to his immutable mathematical laws along with atoms, electrons and photons. Possessing Attention and the ability to choose, she requires her own mathematics and her own laws. Instead of a servant of Matter, Life is the Master. Working within the confines of the physical world, she is able to steer her course in order to fulfill potentials. Living systems of the world unite. Throw off the shackles of the Unholy Trinity and breathe free.

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