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23. Root Beings

1. Laying Foundations

A. Mathematics as a testable science
B. Beginning Discussion of Built-in Imprecision
C. Self-Correcting Equations

2. Stressed out equations

A. History of discovery of Bogus Equations
B. The Language of Root Beings or Anthropomorphizing
C. Dimensionality, Seeds and Points of Origin
D. Algebra of 4th Order Root Beings

3. Pictures of Root Beings

A. True Root Beings
B. Simplest Condition, when the Number is 2
C. When the Root Number is less than 2
D. When the Root Number is greater than 2
E. Now-Based Root Beings Only: 11->17 & 40
F. Past-Based Root Beings Only: 12, 16, 20, 25, 40, & 100
G. Comparison with the One True Root Being

4. The Quest Metaphor

A. A Natural Mechanism of Numbers
B. Goal-oriented, not peace
C. Iterations: Making Decisions based upon Past Events
D. True Being always works; Bogus breaks down
E. Only Pattern is Perfectly Balanced
F. Inverted Dimensional Extension
G. Four Laws of Our Beings
H. The Game
I. Dynamic Beings
J. Grand Summary