6. Hypersets Article List

6. Hypersets is the sixth Notebook in the Information Dynamics series. It consists of a series of articles that explore mathematical set theory as it applies to Information Dynamics. Traditional science is founded upon obedient equations, which are in turn rooted in the visual logic of the container. This type of logic assumes that an element is either inside or outside some kind of category box. As such the middle is excluded from the discussion. This type of logic is particularly applicable to Matter. In contrast, Info-Dynamics is based in disobedient equations, which are rooted in the auditory logic of information packets. This type of logic includes the excluded middle and is particularly applicable to Life. (Work in Progress)

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Articles Headings Pages
1. Obedient Equations 3/4 6
1N. Life's affinity with the Living Algorithm based in Disobedience 3/4 3
2. The Disobedient Living Algorithm: a recursive function (WIP) 3/4 8
3. Unitary or Orthogonal? Logic, Math, Science (WIP) 3/4 5
4. The Conceptual Metaphors of Cognitive Science 3/4 6
5. Deconstructing Metaphorical Blends: a Community Service 3/4 4
6. Subitizing, our Innate Mathematical Ability (WIP) 3/4 3
7. The Importance of Deconstructing the Real Number Line (WIP) 3/4 4
10. Info Packet Metaphor vs. Container Metaphor 3/4 7
Totals 9 46