59: Testing Tradition

Hook: Urge of Humans to Follow Group

Here we go again on the ride that will never end. Watch out for this next bend! Summarizing once more - What a bore! - To reinforce these weird images - Leading you, in stages, to places you’ve never been. Start over again.

Red Dust, what is the Hook? No need to write a book. The Hook is simply the urge of the Human to follow the Group - even though it might throw one for a loop. As mentioned earlier, this is natural and good. No need for a disguise with a hood. A problem only exists when differentiation is not complete - when Symbols are substituted for Reality - destroying the Quality.

Once again, we repeat, the Corporation of humans demands cooperation of its Cells for survival - to endure the attacks and defeat our rival. We have survived as a species because we have cooperated as a Group. It is hard wired in - a major part of our Loop. We also have survived because of our ability for self reflection - which has led to an increasingly complicated social technology - based upon choices.

Unlike the rest, we, humans, didn’t need to evolve as a species to change our social structure. Instead we were able to choose which Group to belong to. We weren’t forced into our organization of bodies by our genetics. Instead we were able to choose.

How free are We?

But were we?

We ‘were’ able to choose. However for the good of the anonymous group, we were programmed from birth to fit into our particular Organ-ization - our Group or Corpor-ation. Upon emergence into the world, we are curled and whirled, molded and shaped, etched and chiseled, sanded and whittled.

“Take off a little there. Add some more to that side, please.”

“Because we are French we eat cheese - for thousands of years. If it is good enough for my ancestors, it is good enough for me.”

Are we really free?

So bumping along the rocky road - Doing what we are told - And then passing it along again - Over and over - despite that it is based upon somewhere we’ve never been - passed on by countless anonymous generations. We’ve never even seen their grin - known where they’ve been - what they’ve been thru - why they made the choices they did. Are we on the same Grid?

Choice invigorating

We need to cultivate choice because it is enlivening - a type of leavening - to take us heavening. Even if we choose to do what we have been programmed to do - Even though it is not new - it still might be the best. Put it to the test. And while maybe for me - perhaps not for thee. Each Person has something different in store - which is always more - than what they have behind their Door. What a bore! Going to sleep - entering Oblivion - not really dead or alive. Don’t give me five.

Back to patriotism built upon country and then culture - watch out for the vulture - who eats the dead souls of those who’ve sacrificed for the nebulous ideals of the Group. What a dupe!


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