58: Cultural Conditioning Sucks

Red Dust sticks on Ego bumps

We’ve made a start - attempting to cut up the heart. Let us summarize again - in order to understand something new. Time to renew - to summarize my Symbols - which are used to dissect yours - from whispers to roars.

The Red Dust bumps us off the Track - right into a Mack Truck, that is. Gee Whiz. So how does this Dust do its dirty work - making us shirk that which is real?

For instance, a squeal of outrage - that your name is not at the top of the page - But is instead in the lower right. Certainly won’t give up without a fight. This is important. It surely is - The Biz of being Human - All this Pride and such - It is all so much of a crutch. Placing emphasis on the Unreal to avoid the Feel of being Alive. We don’t Jive.

The Red Dust comes down - knocking us off the Path - whether jealousy of friends or fearful of dead ends - unwilling to do backbends. Whence comes the hook? How is it built to cause you to tilt?

Help the Universe Grind your Ego down

Much better to sand it off - Wipe it with a cloth. Much better to be clean and round - rather than have our Ego ground down. Fragmented and bumpy - Still a little bit jumpy. This Red Dust reinforces your Symbols. Yes it does - Just because. Your luminous Egg is not Clean. The Dust falls where it can - Sticking and accumulating - Building up. And then the Universe - when it has time - getting around to it eventually - will grind your promontories down to the Ground. Don’t Frown.

Instead help it along - perhaps with a song. Open your heart and let the Universe in - with a grin. Don’t resist and fight the changes. It will only lead to your derangement - and estrangement from your Inner Self, Your Soul, your Being. Ever fleeing from the quiet inside - upon which you ride - in your magnificent chariot - to marvelous places beyond the sea. And all you need to do is abide. Look inside and you’re already there. It’s so fair - Available to all concerned. No one gets burned.

Why do we hold onto our Pain? No Gain.

So why, when it causes so much pain, do we hold on again and again? What is it that is so appealing to be continually squealing - about consequences of no matter - which makes us splatter - leaving us in tatters. Clinging to these Symbols upon symbols that our Brain has created to deal with the World. Blissful Being in chains - no longer unfurled. Instead continually swirled - around and around - upside in, out over down, upon the ground - We become a mound. Afraid to go here or there. We are really scared. Are there really bears?

Just the idea of a Bear is enough to Scare

Suddenly bears are not the 'thing'. It’s what they stand for which is so alive. I don’t jive. Symbolizing fierce wild animals, which will tear you apart - with never a start - No remorse of course. You’ve never seen a bear, but you can imagine they’re mean. Savage with big teeth - which grow bigger as you think. A mouth as big as a sink. And he shoves you in and you begin to spin - Dissolved in the Nothing - Escaping you scramble desperately for the shore. Are you ready for more?

Are you afraid of the Bear or are you afraid of your Self? Running frantically to the edge of the Sea. You dive in - swimming desperately - to escape the anxiety - that threatens to overwhelm Your Peace of Mind. What a grind. Over and over again - When will it end?

Yep. Time to Take the Step to experience Reality. Whee!

But don’t be a victim of circumstance. Instead let’s dance with the moon, sun and sea. It’s time to be free. Not locked inside your head all the time. No more whine. Time to rhyme. This emotional connection is created by the Social Network to hem you in. Makes you spin according to their tune - which could easily lead to your ruin. So time to break the umbilical cord of social conditioning that puts us in jail - Not even any mail. So look beyond the Symbols that Mind has created to directly experience Reality - Finally free.

So our patriotism is built upon the country of people - based upon geography - who have a common culture - speak the same language - but not quite - actually many languages here - wear similar clothes - not really - don’t be silly - the teenager and the grandmother - not quite - nor poor nor the rich. It’s not quite right. It doesn’t make sense. Don’t let the fence box you in - trapping Self with self - placed high on a shelf - isolated from Life - amidst the Strife. So much Grief. Time for Relief. Look inside for an incredible Ride. Not being snide. Just Glide.


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