57: Investigate Common Assumptions

Cultivating Return

For those with geometer blood out there, here is a diagram to illustrate our last session. Anyone at any time has the potential of Being on the Path, Veering, or Returning.

Although everyone has the potential of Being

    On the Path of Direct Experience right Now,

        The probability of such behavior is determined by past habit patterns.

            (See Data Stream Momentum.)

Therefore it is mandatory to cultivate the Return Vector,

    After you have inadvertently chosen the Veering Vector.

Then when you have attained the Path Vector -

    Hold onto it - lightly, of course -

        For it is more slippery than soap.

    Don’t be a dope.

Holding on too hard -

    A bucket of lard -

        Heavy as a ton -

    You will never see the sun.

While light as a feather,

    You’ll be able to weather any storm

        To be Reborn.

The Key: Practice based upon Insight

Under this model, Insight is the catalyst and Practice the method.

    While useful in regaining the Path -

        Insight is useless unless put into constant Practice -

            1% Inspiration - 99% Perspiration.

                Cultivation rather than Domination.

Of course, Practice without Insight is equally doomed to failure.

    Plodding along repetitively -

        Thinking that Form alone will take you there.

            That’s not fair.

        It won’t take you anywhere -

But around in circles -

    Over and under, around and down,

        Into the ground, never to be found.

However the Universe will not be denied -

    But will send you Messengers in the most unlikely disguise.

        Beware that your preconceptions don’t tell you lies.

            Listen from your Heart to get the highs.

        And avoid the Sighs.

Repetition for Integration:

Constantly practicing positive behavior patterns is the only way

    To change the Probability of Behavior.

Insight must be put into Practice before it will do any good at all.

    As old habit patterns dominate insight

        Unless they are gradually worn down with the constant Return.

Inversion, Reversion & Return Diagram: Insight vs. Practice

These patterns are shown in the following diagram.



Left Graph: Without Self-reflection there is no insight and no practice. The red dust of cultural conditioning falls daily from our environment. Due to this corrupting influence, we enter the state of Inversion, when we are proceeding backwards on the Path. For instance, we mindlessly neglect our Body in the pursuit of pleasure. Lost in the world of words, we lose the ability to truly Experience the grandeur of Being.

Middle Graph: A friend's kind word, a lecture, some wisdom from a book, an incident, or meditation spawns an insight. This insight catalyzes a Return to the Path. However, without Practice (diligent Self-reflection, i.e. conscious awareness), the red dust combined with the Momentum of Past Habit Patterns gradually reverse the progress and return us to Inversion, where false (read destructive) behavior patterns are the norm. The Preacher or Guru comes to town and converts or enlightens the masses. He or she leaves and everyone reverts to their prior habitual cycles.

Right Graph: The Insight is put into regular Practice. The Veering is reversed and we return to the Path. The guru/teacher/preacher/incident/book/meditation inspires us to take charge of our lives, rather continuing to be a victim. Instead of just nodding our heads in agreement at this wonderous idea – feeling all warm and fuzzy inside – lost in this marvelous thought, we consciously apply this new construct to our Life. We diligently examine all aspects of our life to determine where we are victim and when we are in charge and when we are fooling ourself. This Practice never ends. Our Mirror must be regularly cleaned of the Red Dust, if we are able to avoid emotional Wild Fires, more fully actualize our potentials, and have a quality Experience.

To elucidate, let's apply these concepts to the mundane – practicing music. Initially the Student plays a composition sloppily. The Teacher provides some insight into how the piece could be played better, suggestions as to a better technique or interpretation, for instance. The student leaves the lesson better able to play the piece. If however the Student doesn't apply the insights to the piece, his performance immediately reverts to the initial sloppy condition. If the Student doesn't practice at all, technique degenerates. The Student must consciously apply the Teacher's insights to his performance if he is to progress as a musician. Insight without Practice verges on useless.

Fame and Fortune secondary to Being Here

But remember, while applicable, we are not speaking about becoming a concert violinist.

    We are only speaking about becoming a virtuoso Being -

        Someone who resides regularly in the Now -

    Only occasionally getting lost in the Movie -

        Thinking that what happens on the screen is Real -

            When we should be enjoying the Drama -

        The passion and excitement.

We recommend cultivating Being -

    Rather than the common side paths of fame and fortune -

        These desired states could easily be a fruit of the Path -

    But not necessarily - maybe not your Destiny -

But it doesn’t matter when you’re already There.

    And you can be there any Time -

        Unless you’re afflicted by Mind's illusions.

Mind corrupted by Brain’s Symbols

And how does the Mind do its dirty work?

    While the hero, he is also the Jerk.

As an example, right Now - Wow! -

    We are using Mind to deconstruct Mind -

        Which is just fine - a veritable gold mine.

However frequently - most of the time - perhaps always -

    Mind is polluted by Brain.

        The one who spins out imaginary universes at the glance of an eye.

            Oh my! We don't lie.

Of course, Mind can employ the Observer -

        That which reflects upon self -

            To bring us down to the ground -

        How profound!

Brain piles Symbols upon Symbols to make sense of the Whole -

    How bold!

        But then unfortunately Mind takes them to be real.

    Don’t squeal!

We are about to repeal

    That which makes you slow - unable to grow.

Patriotism, a corrupted Symbol of the Brain

Let's examine one of Brain's Symbols that we take for granted -

    About which many have ranted -

        And uncountable numbers have lost their lives -

    We don't jive.

Patriotism, one of Brain's best Symbols.

    How many layers do we need to deconstruct to be free?

First Patriotism generates an emotion that protects a country from harm.

    Patriotism derives from the symbol of ‘The Country’.

        And means what?

        Ultimately, the Patriot loves his country so much

    That he would willingly sacrifice his life for the ideals of the culture.

So now we’ve got some real complex symbols to analyze.

    First we’ve got the country, the meta-Body, the Corporation of Humans,

        Which assumes a life of its own -

            Separate from the humans which make it up.

This seems fairly straightforward until we get into the humans that make it up.

    (This construct later, not now.

        We don’t want to have a cow.)

Common Ideals of the Culture?

How about the 'ideals of the culture' -

    The construct of the war vulture –

        Which we assume that everyone knows?

            That's the way the river flows.

        After all, we’ve been educated the same.

    How lame. It’s such a game.

But with symbols - that’s how they work.

    Everyone assumes that everyone knows.

        No one wants to be thought a jerk.

Not knowing - never growing -

    Instead guessing - thinking that it's a blessing – not investing

        Any mental energy into the search for meaning.

Attempting a gleaning of the truth from the falsehood –

    What effort it takes -

        Instead of going with the Flow -

    To analyze what has been said -

        Instead of leaving it Dead -

    With misunderstood meaning -

        Fat without gleaning.

Common Assumptions based upon Ignorance

We all assume that we know -

    But it is all for show.

        It means nothing at all -

    If we don't clear it up, we’re heading for a fall.

The Red Dust comes tumbling down -

    Pulling us down to the ground.

The Reflex is reinforced. We are driven like a car -

    Mechanically reacting to instructions from afar.

The Red Dust of misunderstanding clogs up our works -

    Turning us into jerks.

We have no more flexibility, but just jump through the hoops -

    Turned into dupes.

We pretend to know what our 'culture' is -

    Gee whiz! The human biz.

The Masters of War use this common word to yank our chains -

    Lifting our arms and legs - which give us pains.

        This automaton behavior is insane.

    Let us not remain.

The geographical country is clear, never fear.

    But the 'culture' concept is not.

        Clear this up to avoid mind rot.

"I'm a Patriot fighting for what, I’m not sure.

    It's all a blur.

But everyone else is going to war with no fear.

    That’s clear.

And if everyone else is going this way, so must I -

    Even if I must die."


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