54: Escaping the State of Inversion

Inverted Realities

Finally getting to ‘Inverted Realties’.

Hopefully we will get to ‘Veering off the Course’ soon.

Below is a chart which indicates what happens when there is daily or regular corruption with no purification. The vector arrows represent the probability of behavior - as indicated in expression 9 above. The bottom half of the curve, S > D, is when there is a greater probability that the Person will choose behavior which expresses the Inner Self - whatever that means - perhaps the direct manifestation of Being uncorrupted by Thought.

The top half of the curve, S < D, is when there is a greater probability that the Person will choose behavior which is counter-productive to the expression of the Inner Self.

The last arrow/vector is when Reality has become completely inverted.

This occurs when Being is completely lost in Person’s dream world -

    And believes that this delusionary state is ‘right and good’ - ‘as it should be’.

The Servant becomes the Master -

    The deductive Left Brain rooted in linear logic -

        Thinks that he is in control -

    And attempts to suppress the spontaneous manifestation of Life -

Which transcends the analytical Brain altogether.

The State of Inversion - when Black is thought to be White

Inversion is what we will call the state represented by figure 12. Black is white - Up is down - Right is Left and War is Peace. Indigenous People fighting for their freedom are Communists, Drug dealers or Terrorists. The Psychotic is considered Sane, while those dealing in Reality are considered out-of- touch – Insane.

Those lost in the World Dream are in the state of Inversion -

    This includes, most of the People much of the time -

    All People some of the Time -

    And Some of the People all the Time.

State of Inversion Happens in the Now

While the state of Inversion seems to occur over time, it only happens in the Now - because that is all there is. The representation below probably conveys a more accurate impression - because it never actually deviates from the Moment, the Point of Origin.

While illustrating the state of continuous corruption, the d vector is shown pushing the s vector from facing right to facing left. The Direct Perception of Reality has been completely corrupted by the Red Dust of cultural conditioning which falls daily. This is why the World Dream corrupts all of us, but the idealized saint. This is why it takes effort to remain clean. Constant scrubbing is necessary to avoid the pollution.


Note: These graphs and mathematical symbols are only meant to communicate these ideas. They are not intended for computation. It is important not to confuse the mathematical metaphor for the reality hidden beneath the symbols.

State of Inversion just a matter of degree

When the state of Inversion is reached, we will use the lower case to indicate that the false has taken over - to refer to the inverted probabilities of the Imaginary world - with a subscript to indicate a particular time.

As examples: when speaking of the corruption of the True by the False, a small t with a subscript, tN, represents the probability vector when true behavior, T, is more likely to occur, T>F. A small f with a subscript, fN, represents the probability vector when false behavior, F, is more likely to occur, T<F.

Another example: when speaking of the corruption of the Inner Self by Delusions - a small s with a subscript, sN, represents the probability vector when manifestation of the inner self, S, is more likely to occur. A small d with a subscript, dN, represents the probability vector when delusional behavior, D, is more likely to occur.

Note that this convention has only been adopted for ease of reference to the state of Inversion - for the values are the two equations are identical, P(sN) = P(dN).

Some specific examples:

The corruption of the true by the false: the equations for tN and fN are the same, tN = fN . The only difference is that for t, T>F - while for f, T<F.

For the confusion of the self by delusion the same holds true: sN = dN. The only difference is that for s, S>D - While for d, S<D.

When the Person has taken over and Being is lost in the state of Inversion - All values are upside down. Being is lost in Person’s Mental Drama and thinks its real. Without constant self-correction this state can occur rapidly.

Purification of Daily Cultural Corruption

So now that we’ve identified the culprit, i.e. the daily cultural corruption, how is it to be dealt with? How do we cultivate the true and avoid the false? How do we stay on the Path and avoid getting lost? How do we maintain constant contact with our Inner Self without getting lost in the External Dream world? Without getting lost in the Internal Dream world?

In an earlier section of this paper, we pointed out that there were two main types of Purification, which we called purification by Fire and Water after the Alchemical tradition associated with China.

Water Purification: Washing away Thoughts with Experience

The purification with Water has to do with washing polluting Thoughts away with Pure Experience - ‘Taking a Yin Yang Bath’. Anything that removes one from the Dualism of words would qualify as Water Purification. As examples: Music, watching sunsets, effective Meditation, Sex, Art, Food & Wine experiences are just a partial list of the non-verbal activities, which ground Being in Experience - washing away the polluting effects of the Mind/Brain connection.

The Person Fever triggered by Amygdala

This type of purification is especially important when Being has a Person fever. This commonly occurs when Being is in the state of Inversion. However, the Person Fever is even a possibility in the True State. Sometimes a negative feedback condition exists - which sends Being from the True State to Inversion - in a matter of microseconds.

Many times this has to do with the automatic response of the Amygdala, located deep in the center of the Brain of all vertebrates. This is the emergency center that has allowed us to survive these millions of years by evoking an instantaneous response to the perception of danger, whether real or imagined.

While allowing for survival, the Amygdala short-circuits the potential for self reflection and the manifestation of Will, by evoking of the automatic response system - which triggers the release of hormones - including adrenaline - which blocks the slower thoughtful response - dependent upon reflection - which is useless in times of immediate danger - way too slow.

This polluting fever has to do with a negative emotional response to events occurring to our Person. These negative emotional responses would include: Anger, Fear, Depression, Pride and Judgment.


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