53: Cultural Conditioning accumulates Daily

The Undifferentiated Fat Self

As mentioned the Soul of continuity, the sense of Self, has some inherent tendencies:

    1. To be a collection of smaller Souls - Corpuscles

    2. To identify with the Person - Corpus.

    3. To identify with the larger Group - Corporation.

While it is possible to differentiate these functions there is a huge tendency to mix these three functions of Self up. This is the Fat Self that we spoke of earlier. It is Fat because of the unnecessary baggage that is hauled around. This is the Outer Self mixed with Inner Self.

For illustration let us give some examples of these polluted mixtures.

Problems with Mis-identification with our Parts

The tendency to identify with the smaller Souls has to do with becoming the smaller elements that make up the Person and making decisions that are counterproductive to the well being of the Person that they make up. Here are some specific instances - becoming the Tongue and overeating for taste - or becoming one’s possessions and refusing to give them up despite the agony they cause for one’s Person.

This was one of R’s problems. He thought that he was his possessions and couldn’t let them go. Indeed this tendency eventually got him excommunicated from his human corporation.

Problems with Mis-identification with our Person

The second tendency, i.e. to identify with the Person himself - the Corpus - has to do with thinking that the fortunes of our Person are happening to us. We agonize when things don’t go as our Person wishes. Money is short; Promotions are non-existent; Life is stagnant - a lack of Inspiration.

Our Person is really going through these external events - at least he thinks he is. This perception is strong enough to make him happy or sad, anxious, mad, relieved, disturbed, ecstatic, or neurotic. While our Person is rightly involved in his Life, Being, our Inner Self, is none of these things. These dramas are merely a challenging sidelight, an amusement. They really don't touch our Inner Self - who resides at the Center - an infinitesimal Nothingness - Impervious to Harm - Nothing yet Everything.

Problems with Mis-identification with our Group

The third tendency of the Fat Self is to identify with the Corporation of Souls to which he belongs. This has to do with patriotism, family pride, culture, and race. Properly differentiated, none of these cause any harm - and will actually provide great benefits. Undifferentiated this false identity with the Group leads to all sorts of problems - for instance sacrificing one’s Self for someone else’s Game.

While Mixture is Natural, needs to be Differentiated

The Undifferentiated Fat Self tends to confuse each of these different levels, from particulate to group. This mixing up of our Selves with their unique agendas occurs naturally in every animal, including the Human. However the Human’s ability for Self-Reflection leads to Will. With Self-Reflection comes the possibility of distorting the Natural and the need to return to it. Our ability for Self-Reflection is both a blessing and a curse.

This confusion of Selves in the Fat Self leads to stiffness of Behavior - a lack of flexibility. While this is sometimes useful - most frequently it is not. Better to have a screw top to open and close at will, rather than an open top that dries out the contents.

On a daily level this polluted mixture of selves acts to confuse our behavior. We are confused by others - who attempt to create a collective hallucination with an agend that is taken to be true. We are confused by an attachment to our parts - thinking somehow that we are our things. We are confused by the media, which reinforces all the delusions - especially those associated with the Collective Consciousness of the Group. We are confused by our Fat Self, who is just a collection of all these prior misidentifications. Further these misidentifications are constantly reinforced through our social interactions.

Algebraic development of Fat Self

For some strange reason, I feel impelled to represent this situation symbolically. Why? Perhaps to crystallize what we’re saying - so that we know what we’re not saying - so that we can see what has not been crystallized.


Let us illustrate these concepts through our familiar equations for pollution. First we state the classic pollution formula in terms of the self. We symbolize this Fat Self, by the Polluted vector with the lower case letter 's'.

This is the same formula that we’ve been using for pollution except that the definitions are applied to the polluted self. They are shown below.

Of course, as we mentioned earlier, these definitions are not static. Instead they are self-referential. They belong to a living Data Stream. (See paper on Data Stream Momentum for more details.) Therefore this polluted self belongs to a series of moments, rather than just one moment.

This is indicated by the subscripts that we’ve introduced previously. The equation below indicates the amplitude vector for the Fat Self at moment N. Note that the Delusion vector also has a subscript - indicating that it is also changing and time dependent. In contrast, note that the Inner Self vector has no subscript. This is because the Inner Self is based in the Pure Experience of Reality, which is inherently perfect and unchanging.

Red Dust of Cultural Conditioning accumulates daily

The Red Dust of Cultural Conditioning feeds the Delusion vector. Each day the Red Dust falls on the Mirror of the Mind. The polluting nature of the Red Dust has a negative effect upon the clarity of self-reflection. This is inevitable. The Red Dust of cultural conditioning falls from above, below and in-between – coming from a variety of sources – TV, radio, Internet, friends, family, and workmates to name just a few. Thus the Fat Self at moment 2 is the combination of the Fat Self at moment 1 and the daily dust of cultural conditioning. We use the negative operation because it takes one off the Path.

These relations are indicated in the equation below.

The small d represents the daily pollution. Note that it has no subscript. This lack of subscript indicates that the red dust (the cultural conditioning) occurs regularly, even though it comes in a variety of forms. The input is constant - rather than based upon a type of self-referential equation.

We apply the pollution equation for the Fat Self, equation 3, at moment 2 and combine it with Equation 4 to obtain Equation 6.

Below is the polluted self-expression at moment 1.

Substituting Equation 7 into equation 6, we obtain Equation 8.

The S’s drop out as do the i’s, leaving us with Equation 9.

This is merely a long winded pseudo technical way of saying that the Delusion amplitude of today, i.e. moment 2, D2, is equal to the positive combination, +, of the Delusion amplitude of yesterday, i.e. moment 1, D1, and the amount of dust of delusion that fell today, d.

Applying the same chain of deductive reasoning, we can see that D3 is equal to yesterday’s delusion vector, D2, combined with the Dust of the Day, d. Plugging in Equation 9 we come up with the obvious result that the Dust accumulates from day to day. This is only true if there is no Cleaning.

Accumulation of Cultural Conditioning Theorem

As long as there is no Cleaning, the Dust of Cultural Conditioning continues to grow from day to day. This is indicated by Equation 11 - which we will call the Accumulation of Cultural Conditioning Theorem.

Dirty Minds taken for the Norm, while Clean Minds the Unusual

When applied to physical dust, the above conclusion is so obvious that it need not be stated. Every housekeeper experiences the effects of dust daily. However because the mental dust is invisible, many are not even aware that it exists. Because few are aware, there is very little cleaning done. This means that there are a lot of very dusty Minds around. Indeed dusty Minds are the rule rather the exception. Because of this situation, the dusty Mind is taken as the norm, and the clean Mind is taken to be unorthodox, unusual, non-conformist.

Disadvantages of a Dirty Mind

What are some of the disadvantages of the dirty Mind?

Cultural conditioning is so dominant as to leave no freedom of choice - No will - No flexibility of behavior - Playing roles that others have assigned/preordained - No intentionality - Unconsciously acting out the part that social forces have in store. Like an animal, the Person sacrifices themselves for the Pack - whether in their best interest or not. The Human with the Dusty Mind mimics the expressions, speech, and behavior of the culture - mindlessly repeating the slogans and propaganda of the power establishment - whichever one you belong to - whether internal or external.


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