52: The Necessity of Regular Mind Cleansing

The Inherent Pollution of Self Reflection

Why is Self Reflection inherently polluted?

Let us employ an algebraic perspective to answer this question. For simplicity, let us define the Probability of Behavior with the following notation.

From a previous development we illustrated that the probability of behavior is the square of the pollution vector, shown below. (QED effectively employed this same technique when determining the probability of wave behavior. We are using the same method here, not to achieve a precise quantification of human behavior, but to indicate tendencies and patterns.)

Let's apply Self-reflection to the Probability of Behavior to see what happens. Let’s use the Division operation to represent Self-reflection. (Remember this is one of the prime functions of the human Mind). Taking the simplest case, we assume that M, the Mind of Self-reflection is clean, pure and clear.


As is ideal in Mathematics, the imaginary terms drop out because they are polar reflections of each other. The two vectors are equal and opposite (as previously developed). However, the deadly combination of Mind and Brain, which is so confusing, remains. Observer and Analyzer are combined in this mixture. The biased Observer - the Analyzer with an agenda. This corruption of observation and analysis is the bane of every scientist and of every Human, too, as this polluted mixture frequently leads to faulty conclusions and counter productive behavior.

Cleaning the polluted Mind with a dirty Rag

In this idealization, the Pure Mind analyzes itself to purify itself of the Brain’s corrupting influence. (The Brain is inherently corrupt - as he is based upon the incomplete system of Logic that he mistakenly thinks is All). Even so, Brain's logical pollution remains.

Unfortunately the Pure Mind is a mythical state. From our Pollution equation, we can see that pure Mind is a function of the polluted mind and the imaginary world of the Brain.

Thus Mind is only Pure, when the imaginary component has been completely Differentiated. However the only way to differentiate is with the polluted mind, m. The Pure Mind is the goal, not the Reality. This is illustrated in the equation below.

The imaginary components don’t drop out and are only purified to the extent that they are already purified. The completely Objective Observer is a mythical goal, rather than an achievable reality. The rag that we clean our Mirror with is dirty.

The Cleaning Rate vs. the Pollution Rate

However the more we clean the Mirror - the cleaner our rag becomes - which means the cleaner our Mirror becomes. Conversely, the less we clean our Mirror, the more red dust falls down polluting our rag and mirror.

If the rate of pollution exceeds the rate of cleaning - then a negative feed back condition exists - which dooms the Human to living in the unreal world of Hell – or the Transitional World of Purgatory.

Conversely, if the rate of self-reflective cleaning surpasses the rate of the pollution - then a positive feedback situation exists. The Human moves more regularly into the Present, where he can experience Reality, including tasting his food, hearing the music, and seeing the sunset. Further he is able to remaining on the Path much longer before drifting off. With a regular Mind cleansing, the Individual inevitably begins to experience the Bliss of Just Being unattached to result.


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