51: Water & Fire/Unification & Differentiation

Differentiation/Integration Mixture leads to Emergence.
Polarity leads Nowhere

In the prior article, we discussed the connection between Differentiation and Flexibility. We pointed out how Differentiation enables a greater level of Flexibility. For instance, the ability to isolate the elbow or shoulder from the arm enables a wider range of physical responses, than if the entire arm always moves as a unit. Similarly, differentiating the various mental components, say Brain and Mind or Person and Being, enables a wider range of behavioral responses, than if the Brain/Mind complex or Person/Being complex always moves as a unit. Indeed one of prime thrusts of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and their child Zen, is to differentiate Thoughts from Experience. Thoughts generate the notion and attachment to our Person, which draws us from the Experience of Being. Further this inadvertent Mixture frequently leads us down the wrong path. Differentiating components is a key technique of mental purification. In this context Differentiation consists of breaking the chains created by the world of thoughts, rather than differentiating and then experiencing our environment through words.


After deconstruction comes integration.

After an intense examination of the mental constructs that motivate our lives,

    We can rebuild upon stronger foundations.

Differentiation and Unification are energies that are used to balance each other –

    Through a dynamic Mixture - rather than a static Polarity.

        The one based in Cooperation, the other in fighting for Dominance (rightness).

The Mixture leads to Emergence -

    The Secret Passageway to another Dimension -

        While the Polarity leads nowhere.

            It has no Eyes.

The Purification by Water and Fire (mentioned in an earlier article) are these interacting energies. Water Purification is based in washing the over-active Mind in Unification. Fire Purification is based upon the Differentiation of Self from Person - breaking the verbal chains that tie us to excessive emotional involvement. Water Purification is bathing the heated Mind in Pure Experience to cool him off, while Fire Purification uses the Mind to clean the mirror of the Mind so the reflection of Reality is Clear and unobstructed. Meditation on calming the Mind of disturbing desires is Water. Using the Mind’s power of Self reflection upon itself is Fire.

However, employing Mind for self-purification is like using a dirty cloth to wipe off the counter. The dust accumulates on the cleaning rag. Accordingly it is important that self-purification occur regularly. Everyday the dust falls upon the Mirror and must be cleaned off so that a crust doesn’t form.

The Mathematics of Mind polluted by Brain

To clarify these issues here is an equation which represents the situation in symbolic terms.”

Writer: “Why do we need any Math?”

Mathematician: “As a means of clarification for those who think this way. Further we hope to discover other connections because of the isomorphism. Initial equations will be used to describe a commonly observable reality. Derived equations will be used to discover hidden aspects of this reality. First describe and then discover.

“We start with the classic equation of pollution - where the lower case represents the polluted and upper case the pure - where the ‘i’ represents the imaginary world or an alternate vector space. In this situation we are representing the pollution of the Mirror Mind.

These are our casual definitions for this particular equation.

We pointed out elsewhere that the pure is diminished in two ways by the pollution: Power is depleted and the Direction veers off from the Path.

To get the Probabilities of behavior, P(Behavior), we square our pollution equation. This is the result.

Elsewhere we’ve pointed out that this equation yields three probability vectors. These little arrows reveal three different types of choices:

                  Direct Experience, or the Path, as represented by the Real component

                  Veering off the Path, as represented by ‘-iBM’

                  Returning to the Path, as represented by ‘MiB’

Water Purification is based upon shrinking the Imaginary component, while Fire Purification is based upon using the Mind Function, Self-reflection, to clean up the Mixture.


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