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So many misconceptions have plagued my writing goals – corruptions that have limited my horizons. Corruptions: 1) stand-alone Internet articles; 2) 4-minute Medium articles; 3) writing a specific book.

At the beginning of this year 2021, I escaped those snares – not because of intelligence – but because of repeated failure. 1) Falling response in general and virtually no Internet interest in my Website’s Science articles. 2) Tepid clicks and kudos to Medium articles. 3) General inability, despite inspired insights into my Science, to stay focused long enough to complete a single book. Despite writing what I thought were good to excellent articles, e.g. ‘The Ambiguity of Evil’, there was virtually no encouragement from the outside world.

Not achieving any kind of popular acclaim, I abandoned single articles to instead focus upon consolidating 30 years of ‘scientific’ writings. Totally motivating and inspirational. Yet something was still wrong. Was still veering this way and that – from topic to topic – from arena to arena – yet all writings continued to surround my ‘Science’. Ma Musa still seemed to have a sense of purpose and meaning in the work she assigned me. Following her Directives continued to electrify me.

The big problem began after reading my initial outpourings – Spiral Time in particular. Whoa! Introduced some major constructs, e.g. bi-dimensional time, that are applicable to all my ‘scientific’ arenas.

Yikes! What am I to do? Impossible to rewrite all my documents to incorporate the new material.

Further am detecting a pattern. No matter how careful I am to stay on track, ma Musa continues to send me ‘ground-breaking’ directives – deep new insights into the foundations of my opus. Can’t ignore her and don’t want to brush her off as she is the source of meaning in my life.

Aurgh! Self tries to stay on course to finish some books – do something important – and Ma Musa continues to derail my resolve with major insights. If I am not writing a book, what am I doing? What is the purpose of all these scribbles?

This morning in the midst of quietude, she finally sent me a solution to my dilemma. Am not writing a book that can be contained with an outline that can be converted into a book proposal to send to a publisher for review. Rather than restating an organized set of previous insights, my revelations are ongoing, developmental and demand revision of previous work.

Although I can still turn my creative outbursts into a book, my form of production is not even close to scholarly. I could never produce a polished work on such and such a topic that included outline, references, bibliography and recommendations. Rather these many articles of mine are an ongoing (heroic1) attempt to understand the nature of the revealed Mystery - my Aladdin’s cave of 'scientific' treasures.

What's my role – my purpose? As Editor of the Muse’s revelations, I must provide the connective tissue between the individual parts, i.e. articles and sections, and their relationship to the whole body of work. However the Editor does not need to organize the creative output so that it fits into an ordered hierarchical (linear) outline.

Create some order. But do not over-organize. Rather than the flow of logical organization, it is the flow of discovery and insight that should drive my work.

Freedom! This insight liberates me from the self-imposed chains of an outline-driven book and allows me to roam free – communicating my latest insights in an organized fashion with reference to the past – yet not bound by Matter’s horizontal linear time dimension – rather creating a work based in Life’s vertical spiral time dimension. Regular, but intermittent, repetitions of a common theme rather than linear continuity.

What is the alternative to an outline driven book? My Person’s first scientific works had the apt title of 'Notebooks'. Between 20 and 90 pages, each scientific ‘notebook’ was devoted to a common theme. In turn, these ‘notebooks’ were organized into books. In spatial fashion, these notebooks regularly referenced notebooks that had come before and notebooks were coming. For instance, the second Notebook, Data Stream Momentum, refers back to Notebook #1 Spiral Time and to future notebooks, e.g. #3 Decaying Average.

Ongoing Notebooks. Perfect! Fits my ongoing mode of insight and creation like a proverbial glove. Already have at least a handful of so-called notebooks that don’t quite fit into a book, but are integrated internally. For instance, one of my Notebooks, ‘Numerical Energy ≈ Mental Energy’, is a foundational 35-page work. While referenced regularly, albeit awkwardly – this important, somewhat technical, work has yet to find a home. As a formal Notebook, they can be their own home, which is easily referenced.

The Notebooks don’t have to have some kind of linear order – one following another in orderly and logical succession. Rather they must have internal integrity so that referencing has some utility. Plus Notebooks consisting of multiple articles can be of any length, as long as they stay on topic.

Hooray! Hoorah! I, whoever that is, has finally understood my inner Scientist’s optimum style, namely: Literary flow based in ongoing discovery resulting in an ongoing series of Notebooks. My Person’s Science is constantly evolving rather than a fixed truth. More comprehensive insights regularly replace limited perspectives. Impossible to go back and revise everything to fit the new constructs. We have too much to say and not enough time to say it. 

Let me provide a recent example. We are currently in a consolidation phase. Examining three decades of work. Blown away by the very first Notebook, Spiral Time, as chronicled above. Digesting the revolutionary notion of bi-dimensional time –– completely applicable to all arenas of my Science of Information Digestion – realizing the need for a deep restructuring of this Science regarding time. Whoa! Impossible to revise my entire 3000+ page opus. Must just move ahead – ignoring the limited perspectives of the past.


1 Certainly ‘heroic’ in my Person’s world of drama, Divine Mission and excitement. Will he ‘win’ and achieve his potentials? Or is he fated instead to be forgotten in the mists of time – despite his prodigious output (over 3000 pages.)


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