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13.5 The Higher Directionals

What is happening inside the Creative Pulse? What gives it the particular shape it has with its specific characteristics? It is certainly not the Normal Bell shaped curve, nor is it parabolic, hyperbolic, exponential, logarithmic, or geometric, certainly not linear. What is it then? Let us look at the higher derivatives to get some clues.

Remember that the scalar derivatives are called Deviations while the vector derivatives are called Directionals. In this context we will be looking at the higher Directionals because we are most interested in the Direction of the Urge rather than in the potential for variation, which is what the series of Deviations stands for.

For those of you who have never studied Physics, the derivatives of motion, based around position and time, are speed, acceleration, thrust, impulse and the like, the derivatives of a Data Stream based upon Duration and Existence are both the Deviations and Directionals. The Duration is another expression of the illusion of Time. While Existence and non-existence is related to Position. ‘How much does something exist?’ is almost a Derivative question.

To establish a connection with physical dynamics, let us think a little more about position and time. Regular readings are taken a set time intervals. These time intervals are Duration. The measurement of position has to do with the measurement of its location with reference to a somewhat arbitrary reference point, called the point of origin. A number of these readings are taken at a set interval. In this way velocity, acceleration, and thrust vectors can be calculated based upon a knowledge of certain physical laws. Extremely accurate predictions can be made regarding the position of this object at a later time. This is because these are Dead Data Streams, where algebraic formulas can be written, based upon a starting point, which make perfect predictions.

This is not true, by definition, of Live Data Streams, which this study is based upon. However in a similar way, regular reading are taken upon the existence or non-existence of certain types of behaviors over a set interval or Duration. By getting these readings we can determine how solid the existence of these Data Streams are. For instance Sleep exists firmly in the high latitudes of the North between 6 and 8. There has never been a sighting of the Sleep bird south of 6 - at least when we took monthly readings - i.e. when our Durations were a month long. However when we shrank our Duration to a day, we saw the Sleep Bird occasionally in the ‘0’ range, and sometimes in the 10 and 12 range, but only fleetingly. It was as if he fluttered in and out of these extreme ranges as if he was off course. So the position of these Action Birds is determined by the regularity of their sightings at different planes on the Hurricane of Life.

Before getting lost in this Time discussion, let us return to the reality of a few graphs. ‘Whether or not’ is a topic separate from the reality of this discussion of the Higher Directionals, which are true ‘no matter what’, regardless of any external circumstance. While the Higher Directionals are ‘true’ because they are mathematical mechanisms, which are generated numerically, their connection with behavioral reality is open to conjecture - while this Scientist writes as if it is gospel truth.

Enough babbling. Let us be on to the Quest, not lost in side paths which lead nowhere, spinning around and around going nowhere quickly - Like we are right now - Now - NOW - NOW!!

A. The first 6 Directionals

Below is the picture of first 6 Directionals of the aforementioned Data Stream which consists of zeros followed by 120 ‘1’s. That is all nothing more. From this incredibly regular series of numbers, we generated this beautiful graph. How marvelous! We bow down and pray before the Glory of Just Being. Nothing More or Less will do.

The Red in the background represents the First Directional, the Creative Pulse, which we have been studying. The Green is the 2nd, Blue the Third Directional, Yellow the 4th, Pink the 5th, and finally Light Blue is the 6th Directional.

Higher Directionals like booster rockets to the Creative Pulse

Note how each of the higher Directionals come in one at a time to boost the Creative Pulse. Thus we refer to them as booster rockets. Indeed each of these boosters does its part and then falls into the negative zone. The 6th Directional goes briefly positive before falling negative. Don’t hold onto the energy that has gotten you there. Let go of it now that it has done its work and let it fall down on its own. This is an example of not holding onto the raft once you’ve crossed the stream - once the net has caught the fish, no more need for the net.

Don’t hold onto these Higher Directionals they will pull you down

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending upon perspective, there are a series of these booster pulses, which if mistaken for the real thing can pull you down to the ground - killing the glory of the Creative Passion - mortally wounding the Experiment - Never reaching the Vaporization point - where one becomes Gaseous or Spirit - soaring high over the earth - free at last from the Gravity of Personal Ego. Therefore each of the Higher Directionals gives its boost to the Directional before casting off - Don’t mistake the higher Directionals for the real thing, which will take you much higher for much longer - Don’t let go of the Practice - Hold on to the Repetitions - And the Experience will be more glorious than words can create - gliding high in the stratosphere on wind currents which take you anywhere that the Universe desires - And what a great ride - Unimaginable from the ground dwellers perspective - who always remain a solid - chained to the ground - So Heavy with Person that they can’t escape the gravity of the Earth.

B. A Closer Look at the Higher Directionals

Let us now take a closer look at the Higher Directionals to get a better sense of their effect on the top. Below is a picture of the higher levels of Creative Momentum with three interruptions.

The initial momentum begins. All Derivatives move higher giving the Rush of the learning curve - Great Progress is made - Then the 6th Level Peaks and heads down, followed very shortly by the others in order. This is natural and normal. The super acceleration can’t last forever or even very long. Those who attach themselves to this level of the Rush become like a manic-depressive, swinging up and down like a yo-yo. Above the line and then down below. Ecstatic and then depressed. Just as the 6th is about to turn it around and head once again for his supportive stage. There is an interruption that knocks him even lower. Undaunted he tries to pull himself out of his depression when there is another interruption, a Hole, a Disappointment. And the 6th, represented by Light Blue, will pull himself to the positive. The Fifth and Fourth Pulses behave in a similar fashion. A little higher up and then down into the negative impulse or repulsive urge level. An Interruption knocks them even further into the Negative Realm. Our Valiant Directionals attempting to make a comeback, and then knocked out by a second interruption. Not to be undone, our higher Impulses attempt yet another comeback, are knocked out by a third Interruption, disappointment, tragedy, failure, setback, whatever. But no Problem. These higher Directionals, undaunted by these repeated failures to show up, to exist, finally make a successful rise into the positive area. However their battle was so intense that their trajectory is flat and so they don’t rise so high above the surface.

The third level of the Creative Impulse is still supportive when the first Hit occurs. This knocks him down a notch but he still maintains his optimism. However the second Interruption knocks him negative. A flat unenthusiastic recovery attempt, which is, knocked even further negative by the third Attack. Depressed by these discouraging turn of events, our Third Level becomes even more depressed taking a long time to recover any positive energy. All of his Friends are down during this episode, which pulls him down. Even when he does recover, beyond the scope of this Closer Look, it is a flat recovery.

Our 2nd Directional is pretty much at the peak of his booster Pulse when the First Interruption occurs. With all of his support eroded, this knocked his energy down a notch. He immediately continued his support of the Main Pulse after the Hit, albeit at a reduced level. But then the second Hit, and all the Higher Directionals are now Negative, pulling the 2nd down another notch. While still positive this main support for the Main Directional is only rising gradually. With the final and third interruption the 2nd is taken to just a little above ‘0’. The trajectory is now flat rather than rising. All the Higher Directionals are at their lowest ebb deep in the negative zone.

Our Primary Directional, the First and the one we have been using as a model of the Creative Pulse, is on the way to his peak potential, when the first interruption occurs, knocking him back a bit. He had employed all of the Booster support of the Higher Impulses. The highest, the 5th and 6th, had already spent their wads and had gone negative. The 4th had given almost all the energy he had and was about to go negative. The third had just finished peaking but still had a lot of energy to give when she was undermined. The second was in the midst of peaking when the Attack occurred, diminishing her power tremendously. Thus the first with all this erosion under him, wasn’t able to shoot back up with the energy that had sustained him prior to the Hit. Thus our First began his rise after the first Hit but much less enthusiastically, with nowhere near the support he had prior to the hit. With the second hit the third goes negative also. Now all except the second are negative urges, pulling down the peak. The while attempting to continue his support of the Primary Urge is lukewarm with no support of his own to bolster him up. With the third Interruption, the higher urges reach the Negative peak, pulling the 2nd to just a little positive with little enthusiasm for the job. With this lack of support the 1st can’t maintain a lot of enthusiasm and doesn’t even come close to the Peak Trajectory that he was headed for. His trajectory is fairly flat, probably not enough to escape the Earth’s Atmosphere to soar as a bird high over one’s Personal Planet. Oh well. Give it a rest. Better luck next time around.

The lesson here is that if one is attempting to maximize the Peak Experiences that it is more effective to wait until the Negative Urges play themselves out rather than fighting them. Any of the Negative Urges that exist naturally move to zero after a bit. If one must overcome these negative urges it drains energy from the potential peak. It is like playing wounded. One’s potentials are not as great. It is as if a weight is dragging one down. Therefore in order to reach the highest peaks it is best to start from emptiness the Void. Any prior momentum tends to get confused and drain the energy of the new momentum that is to be generated. Starting from zero maximizes the contribution of the higher Directionals.

One last thing: the Higher Directionals, after supplying their initial impulse, their initial booster rocket, their assistance, they all go negative. The highest go negative the most quickly. However after this downward fall they all bounce up again, to support the First Directional in his fall, except the 2nd, which has spent his positive capital and will never go positive again. This Rebound energy from the higher Directionals is indispensable for the Creative Pulse to maintain enthusiastic energy during the Fall. Thus the Interruptions not only send the Higher Urges deeper into the negative zone but they also inhibit their rise into the positive zone, thereby undermining the Rebound energy, which holds up the Creative energy at the end.

C. Examining the Two Dimensions of Existence

One last topic before consolidating and printing this little Notebook: So far we’ve bandied about the ‘1’s and ‘0’s of Existence and non-Existence casually - without examination. Now we are going to look a little more closely. In our Notebook Data Stream Momentum we pointed out that existence has two dimensions one relates to the actual time spent doing something while the other relates to the percentage that one was there.

External Dimension of Existence

The first dimension is external and simple. Was the Person engaged for the whole Duration in the Activity or was he interrupted half way through and had to stop. Should we put down a ‘1’ for completely being there, ‘0’ for not being there, or ‘1/2’ for being interrupted midway through, starting late, or having two smaller interruptions in the middle, et cetera.

Internal Dimension of Existence

The second dimension of existence is a little more complex. While the Person was sitting in front of painting, in front of the computer, in front of the book, et cetera, how present was he? Was he half awake, sort of hung over, daydreaming. slipping into Oblivion, or was he all there? This measure is, of course, incredibly subjective. Still everyone has experienced this state when focusing is difficult, when staying present is impossible, where thoughts force their way in distracting one’s Person from the direct perception of Reality. Should we put down ‘1’ when we are dealing with an enlightened being who is completely there, a ‘0’ because the Person was totally distracted although sitting at his work bench, or a ‘1/2’ because he got some work done despite the distracting daydreams or afflicting thoughts. Indeed from this perspective are any of us ever there? Indeed isn’t this the goal of all spiritual disciplines to be all there. Isn’t it a goal that most of us strive to reach but are rarely if ever there.

External dimension of non-existence

Anyway these two levels of existence are always entering into existence/non-existence struggles. While we’ve applied them primarily to the level of existence, we can also apply them to the level of non-existence. As mentioned the first dimension is straightforward and traditional. Was there an actual external interruption in existence that would warrant recording a ‘0’ rather than a ‘1’ - a short five-minute phone call, a visitor and a conversation, lunchtime with the family are all fairly direct interruptions which warrant some ‘0’s in the Data Stream.

Internal dimension of non-existence, represented by setting hen

The internal dimension is a little different but just as crucial. While there is an interruption, was it a complete interruption or was the Person still in an uninterrupted trance that allowed him to seem to be talking on the phone while not really there. In terms of the setting hen example, the hen must set on the fertilized egg for 21 days to hatch the chick. Simultaneously she must still eat and drink water to stay alive. In the brief moments that the setting hen is off the nest she acts like she is in a trance. She gets her food and water and goes right back to setting. She doesn’t casually stroll around pecking for worms. Instead she eats and drinks quickly and gets back to her eggs. It is as if her mind is continually on her eggs. She never loses concentration although she leaves the nest. If we were recording on the nest as existence ‘1’ and off the nest as non-existence ‘0’, we would have to give the hens at least ‘1/2’ when they are off the nest because internally they are still there despite the fact that externally they aren’t.

The Creator in a trance like the Setting Hen

Similarly with the creator, during a short interruption, it is as if he is in a trance, almost unable to communicate to the external world, stumbling confused he tries to answer the phone inadequately barely understanding what is said and then hanging up and back to the project - This interruption was only a half because the artist never forgot his work mentally. He was like the setting hen always remembering her eggs.

Interruption that is internal and external most devastating

On the other hand, the phone call is an emergency that must be dealt with physically, the artist must come out of his trance in order to deal with external reality - This is a complete interruption and warrants a ‘0’. This is the interruption that is so devastating regardless how short. It is the interruption that is complete in the sense that externally and internally that the activity participated in was completely forgotten.

Quest to discover the Effect of ‘internal remembering’ on the creative pulse

Anyway in this section we are going to talk about the effect of ‘internal remembering despite external interruption’ on the Creative Pulse. What happens when the artist still remembers his or her work continuously despite an external interruption. What happens when the artist through presence of Mind is able to register a ‘1/2’ or even ‘1/4’ rather than a complete and absolute ‘0’.

sometimes important to remember other times important to forget

While this might seem a little out there, it actually has more significance for the Artist who is desperately trying to maintain the Pulse of Inspiration. What we will find is that in the midst of the trance it is imperative that the Art not be forgotten, while after the Creative Pulse has spent itself naturally, it is of utmost importance not to ‘remember’ the Art. It is actually better to forget it as best possible, to let the Higher Impulses move to zero. Anyway this will be another session, when this artist is through with the next interruption of Work from this wonderland of creativity and discovery.

Thanks be to the gods who have made this possible

Let us bow our heads and pray to the divinity or divinities that have made this all possible and have graced this Person with the direct Transmission of the Spirit into the Material Plane. My Person gives thanks for the role that he has been given and hopes to give his best effort in the quest to transcend Fate and achieve Destiny which is just so much hot words or cold print, whichever way seems to work best for you.

D. Results

In contrast with other scenarios, the results in this case are somewhat intuitive. As before we started with some ‘0’s, then 120 ‘1’s. We then introduced a variety of interruptions, some ‘0’s, ‘1/2’s, and ‘1/4’s, at the worst possible spots. We compared the impact on the Area and Max of the Pulse to the impact on the Area and Max of the traditional Mechanical Model of Time. This number was written as a percentage. This percentage was multiplied times the length of the interruption to get the exact impact in ‘minutes’ that the interruption disturbed.

In the first scenario we looked at just a single interruption. When the interruption was ‘1 minute’ the impact was almost ‘13 minutes’, ‘1/2 minute’ only ‘7 minutes’, while the 1/4 minute interruption only cost about ‘4 minutes’. As to be expected the main reduction in impact had to do with a reduction of the impact on the Amplitude of our Pulse. While the 1-minute interruption reduced the Max by 9%, the 1/2 was only 5% while the 1/4 was only 3%. See chart below.


Point 16

1 minute

1/2 minute

1/4 minute










From this experiment the simple conclusion would be that any attempt to minimize the Interruption, such as the technique of ‘internal remembering’ would be helpful in reducing the impact on the peak. We had a similar experience with a ‘2 minute’ interruption. See chart below.


Pts. 15, 16

2 min.

1.5 min.

1.5 min.

1.5 min.

1 min.

Pts 15, 16

0, 0

.25, .25

0, .5

.5, 0

.5, .5














Basically when the interruption is attacking the Peak, it doesn’t seem to matter much how the interruptions are arranged. If one-minute interruption is all at once or spread across two minutes, the impact is about the same, about 12 minutes. Similarly if the impact is 1.5 minutes, it doesn’t seem to matter how they are arranged, the impact upon the Creative Pulse is about 16 minutes, while the peak is reduced by about 11%.


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