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8.5 A Reprise: Decay & the Fractalization of Time

A. Smearing Events over Time

Diminishment & Decay

We have seen that for each additional layer of Raveling that the potential impact is spread through another dimension. The spreading implies initial diminishment in order to spread the impact into another dimension. This diminishment is Decay.

We can only imagine an event that doesn't leave a trace.

If the data has not been raveled at all then its impact is immediate, instantaneous and complete, no residue, no decay. Only in our imagination can we imagine a circumstance where an event is fully absorbed and dissipated immediately, always. For even in the mineral kingdom, although the effect of the now is immediate and complete, its residual impact is spread over time.

Saving initial impact to spread across more dimensions

If the data has been raveled once then its potential impact is spread over another dimension. Thus its immediate impact is divided by D, the Decay Factor. Its impact is then spread over time. When a second raveling is added, another dimension is added and the initial impact of the Point is divided by D, the Dimension or Decay Factor, a second time. With each added raveling the initial potential impact is spread across more and more dimensions, hence is divided by D once for each dimension. The total potential impact of each piece of data is always one no matter what. The total real impact of each piece of data is also equal to itself. Hence if its immediate impact is diminished for the higher Ravelings, then it must come on strong later on, which it does. Hence the initial impact starts small and then grows for the higher levels of raveling. Remember that the Derivatives are made up of Raveled Data. Remember that Raveled Data is data that has been wrapped up with all the data that went before it, in different measures. This raveled Data consists of dimensional, scaled layers of all the previous Data.

B. Consciousness, a reaction to Decay

Consciousness for animals, reActing and Acting

The smearing of an event through time is common in the animal, plant, & mineral world. For animals it allows for a conscious response. Without this consciousness we can only react. We presume that plants react. Animals because of movement and the danger associated with it had to learn to anticipate and make calculated choices in order to survive. {See Boredom Principle Notebook.} This spreading, smearing of events over the canvas of Time, is a necessary element of consciousness. As such the element of decay is also inherent. Reacting to sunlight is much different than migrating for the winter. The one is in reaction to while the other is in preparation for. One is immediately following; the other precedes.

Consciousness leads us on a tragic quest

The quest to live through time is the tragic quest of consciousness. It is hopeless, impossible, and yet we have no choice. We can never really move through time. We are really just here, now. But we pretend to be 4 dimensional creatures, by remembering. Our consciousness creates the illusion that we exist continuously through time, by remembering and allowing for Decay. We can give this moment more impact through time by diminishing its immediate impact and allowing it to Decay. This moment does not have all the impact upon the Now; it is backed up by a pile of other moments. Just as this moment has been allowed to spread into the future, connecting this moment with all that follows, the experience of this moment is based upon all that went before. The Now is thus connected to the Beginning and the End.

When does a pile of Moments become an Event? Only Consciousness knows.

When does a pile of moments become an event? When is there enough of a pattern to call it something? When does a few conversational words in the middle of writing cease being an interruption and begin being conversation? When are enough events linked over time to become a trend? When do these conversations over time become a friendship? Consciousness, only, determines these borders. When consciousness perceives a forest then the forest begins to exist independent of the individual trees. When these piles of moments becomes a recordable Event is for consciousness to perceive. There is no precise yardstick.


Consciousness enters twice to name something. First, it must determine when the moments add up to a recordable event. Second, consciousness must determine when the events are enough alike to call them a trend over time. The moments are infinitesimals. When enough of them are similar enough and occur in a close enough proximity, consciousness calls it an event. An Event can have a number associated with it designating a duration of time that the event was participated in. In an ideal sense, an Event is an infinite collection of infinitesimal moments. Consciousness chooses to call time in bed sleep, but what happens in that bed might vary from night to night. If these Events called Sleep occur regularly enough, over many days and nights, then Consciousness perceives it as a Repeatable Trend. A Trend is a finite collection of Events that are similar enough that Consciousness links them as a trend. In a minute examination of the Moments and the Events, great inconsistencies might be found. If, however, Consciousness perceives enough of a similarity then it is still called a Trend, no matter what the independent observer perceives – if there is such a thing.

C. Energy Storage: plants, animals, & minerals

The Energy curve for plants, minerals and animals

The ability to spread the impact of the input of Data over time is not unique to the animal kingdom. The plant and mineral kingdoms absorb energy to be used later. The energy from the Sun is absorbed by the Earth during the Day and is dissipated at Night. The energy from the Sun is absorbed by the Earth during the Summer and dissipated during the Winter. The Earth would represent the derivative, while the Energy from the Sun would represent the incoming Data. The Sun's energy is continuous on the Earth as a whole, but is quantized on each individual part. It comes as bursts of energy determined, of course, by the revolution of the Earth upon its axis. The energy begins, grows, peaks, falls, and then disappears completely. After a distinct period of time, the cycle begins again. A variable something followed by a relatively constant nothing.

Energy Absorption Charts

Following are some charts of the phenomenon. These are the Earth's Energy Curves. They reflect the absorption/dissipation cycle stated above.

The straight lines represent the data. The curved lines represent the Decaying Average. The Energy from the Data is stored and given off later. While the immediate peak impact of the Data is at the Summer solstice or at noon, the energy build up peaks in late summer/afternoon depending on whether the graph is read as a year or as a day. So even the inanimate Earth stores energy and then gives it off over time.

Decay Graph

The graph below shows the impact of each individual Data Piece and its decay. Each color represents a different piece of data (except the initial red, which represents all that went before.) Thus the area of all that color would equal the piece of data itself. Also taking a vertical line through the colors shows what each Decaying Average consists of. Remember the line at the top is the Decaying Average. It is made of what is under it.

D. Time & Fractalization

Time: Continuous & Non-Fractal or Quantized & Fractal

If Time exists continuously then fractalization does not occur. If Time is quantized then it fractalizes. Most Decay functions assume that time is continuous and so compute decay as a continuous exponential or logarithmic function. If we break time up into discrete sections, it behaves fractally. Quantization and fractalization go hand in hand. With quantized time decay, scaling is introduced which is an inherent nature of fractals. Without quantization the scaling is continuous, hence does not result in the fine, particulate structure associated with fractalization.

We experience time both continuously & discontinuously

Whether time is continuous or not on a moment-to-moment level is inconsequential to this study because we humans experience time in a quantized fashion because the spinning of the Earth breaks our continuous life into a myriad of days and nights. Although on the instantaneous level we experience time continuously, on the larger scales we experience it discontinuously.


The word moments itself assumes quantization. A moment is a discrete section of Time. A moment breaks Time into tiny parts. Subatomic physicists break the space-time continuum into quantized momenta, the same root word. Momentum is mass * velocity. Velocity is distance divided by time. Hence either mass, distance or time is broken up into pieces.

Time Manifests Fractally

Summary: Decay in discrete steps necessitates scaling. With scaling comes fractalization. Time is quantized according to quantum mechanics. Hence Time is a fractal system and manifests itself fractally.

Time manifests how we experience it

Our senses filter raw data & interpret it for us. Hence the interpretation of our senses determines the nature of our perception of reality. If we perceive Time in a digital fashion, i.e. daily or annual, then the Data is processed digitally. When we perceive Time in a continuous fashion, i.e. instantaneously, then the Data is processed in a more continuous fashion. On another level, a quantized response is very similar to a continuous response. Hence those with lesser sensitivities might not appreciate the need for the fractal interpretation of Nature.

Fractalization & Emergence: Words only

Without the Fractalization/Scaling process an important feature of existence disappears. Emergence is predicated by fractalization. Without granularity Emergence blends into a mush. Cellular Automata yield Emergence. Cellular Automata are distinct. With a continuous response there is not enough energy for a qualitative jump. A water molecule, glass of water, pool, and ocean behave qualitatively differently because of the particularity of Fractalization.


So without Emergence there is no character, no crystallization, only Undifferentiated Mush. Nothing.


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