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7.6 Summary & Conclusions

In this Notebook, we set out to look at Directionals from a content-based approach. We succeeded in finding a simplification beyond our wildest expectations. First we discovered a Fractal Root Equation, which defined the Initial Directional, the Decaying Average, as well as being the building block of the other Directionals. This was nice. But we also discovered an elegant Seed Equation, which when opened up reveals all the infinite variety of Directionals, without ever having to rely on context. The Seed and Root Equations are content-based equations, which rely wholly upon the Raw Data to determine even the advanced derivatives. Who said a contextual approach was necessary to study Living Data Streams? Let us throw away all those complex contextual based equations. Opening up the Seed Equation reveals all from the content alone. Why bother with the messy context, when we can go right to the source of our Derivatives with no intermediate steps? Before we get carried away, throwing things away we must remember that at the end of our discussion, we discovered that opening up the Seed Equation is no easy task. For the continuation of this discussion of context vs. content, see the Notebook, Time, and a Fractal Response.


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