56: Then Mind cleans Mind

Whatever we to do, we tend to Repeat

Our Person can make a Choice at every Moment.

    This unique human ability to exert Will is due to Self Reflection.

Our Person can choose between three options (and their mixtures).

    He can 1) Remain on the Path, 2) Veer off the Path, or 3) Return to the Path.

Data Stream Momentum determines the Probability of each of these Behaviors occurring.

    This calculation is based around the frequency of reoccurrence.

Therefore, the more we stay on the Path the more likely we will stay on the Path.

    It will be easy - coming naturally - without effort.

If however, we regularly Veer off the Path,

    Then it is likely that we will continue to do so.

        This will come just as naturally.

Further, the more frequently we Return to the Path,

    The more frequently we will tend to Return once we’ve Veered off.

Conversely the less frequently we Return,

    The more likely that we will continue to Veer.

State of Inversion filled with Anxiety

The less frequently we Return, the more we Veer -

    Until we reach the state of Inversion -

Those who rarely Return, and are rarely on the Path -

    Live in a constant state of emotional upheaval -

        Angry - Afraid - Disturbed & Upset -

            About everything - All the time.

The Mind goes a million ways -

    Creating the myriad disastrous scenarios -

        Playing them over and over again in our Mind’s Eye, the Imagination -

            Like a recurrent Nightmare

        Scaring us half to Death - paralyzing us with Fear -

    Or Destroying our Peace of Mind with Rage.

The Path filled with Bliss of Being

Conversely the more frequently you Return, the more frequently you are on the Path -

    The more frequently you feel the Bliss of the Hidden Dimension of Pure Experience.

Instead of being trapped in the Past and Future -

    You are enveloped in the infinite immensity of the Moment -

        Sinking through vortexes into divine dimensions -

    Where mere existence is more than enough.

Squirming in ecstasy at the ability to just help another through the Maze -

    Because you know the Way -

You’ve experienced the Glory of the Path - the Direct Experience – 

    And are carrying a Lantern to Light the Dark -

        So the Ship can reach the Shore - safely -

            Without crashing upon the Rocks of Ignorance -

However, beware of Corruption by the Red Dust of Cultural Conditioning -

    Believing that you are Free when instead you respond to Reflex -

        Based upon the good of the World Dream -

    Which doesn’t even know that You Exist -

But desperately needs You to sacrifice Your Only Self for It.

Resist the Group Will; They don’t care

Don’t give in. Resist the lure of the External Body.

    You will only crash on the Rocks -

        Dragged in by the fierce currents of the Mob.

    And they won’t care.

You are just one of their statistics -

    Designed to serve the greater good.

Work yourself to death -

    Sacrifice your sons, husbands and fathers -

        To protect the wealthy from harm.

    Bankrupt your pensions - so that the rich can get richer.

And you will be rewarded by the common good -

    With bad health and homelessness - or stress and anxiety -

        Certainly, No Peace of Mind.

The greater Body, the Corpor-ation, doesn’t care.

    You are just one of the Cells -

        Easily replaceable - with hundreds just like you -

    Performing your exact same function -

For the common Good.

Give the Mind a regular Cleaning

Don’t give in - Don’t let go -

    Resist the Red Dust - Clean it off frequently.

Get in touch with your inner Self -

    Pruning it of the Outer -

        Differentiating so that Reflex is Neutralized -

    And Free Will is allowed to shine -

        Unrestricted by the Cultural Norms -

            Or the Reaction to them -

        But free to fly above Action and Reaction -

    In the Sky of Spontaneity and instantaneous Creative Impulse.

Purification by Fire: Mind cleans Mind

Circling back we have Returned -

    To the techniques for cleaning the Mirror of the Mind.

The Water Purification of Pure Experience - the Yin-Yang Bath –

    Which is where we want to be.

But we seem to inevitably drift off the Path again and Veer -

    Instead of being Clear.

So how do we Return?

    Once the Emotional Fire has finished the Burn,

        Time to use Mind to deconstruct the illusions that Mind has learned.

Purification by Fire -

    A dirty rag to clean a dirty mirror -

        That’s not too clear -

    This is what we Fear -

But it is all we have.

With Brain’s assistance Mind creates an entire Universe -

    Actually many - each based upon layered Symbols -

        Each creating a new layer of complexity -

    A new Filter - to see Reality thru.

While some of these mental constructs seem to make sense -

    The Mirror becomes Dense with Distortion -

        When Wrong seems Right -

            Up is Down and Black is White -

        The state of Inversion -

    Where everything is inside out - upside down.

So these Symbols of Symbols - while a useful convention to communicate -

    Are all Unreal - A virtual World which seems Real.

Time to Appeal to Logic to break this world of Symbols apart -

    To experience Reality directly from the Heart -

        That’s a start.

But watch out for mind farts - to take you off the Path –

    Veering from the Course.

You need a constant bath -

    To cleanse your Brain of misconception and illusion -

        Based upon mental pollution -

    The confusion of mistaking the Symbol for the Reality for which it stands.

            It is really so bland.

Move behind the scenes to where it is really Grand.

    Bring on the Band -

        To play the internal Music of the Bliss.

    Don’t Miss.


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