31. Freedom from Cultural Conditioning

Chapter 50: Differentiation -> Flexibility for Individual Good

Normal vs. Exceptional circumstances

Leaders tend to choose Destruction over Slavery

Threats eliminate opposing vectors, encouraging extreme behavior

Unfair choice for Bulk of Iraqis:

Death now by elite Iraqis or later by elite Americans?

Group Consciousness has no Compassion for Them

Review: All Participate in Self Organization

Only Humans have Choice of Group

Human Law exists to enforce conformity to the Group values

Humans have ability to participate selectively in Group

Human potential for Differentiation

Differentiation yields Flexibility to act in Unison or Not

Flexibility of Differentiation not good for Group

Flexibility has allowed Human Group to Thrive

Chapter 51: Water & Fire/Unification & Differentiation

Differentiation/Integration Mixture leads to Emergence. Polarity leads Nowhere

The Mathematics of Mind polluted by Brain

Chapter 52: The Necessity of Regular Mind Cleansing

The Inherent Pollution of Self Reflection

Cleaning the polluted Mind with a dirty Rag

The Cleaning Rate vs. the Pollution Rate

Chapter 53: Cultural Conditioning accumulates Daily

The Undifferentiated Fat Self

Problems with Mis-identification with our Parts

Problems with Mis-identification with our Person

Problems with Mis-identification with our Group

While Mixture is Natural, needs to be Differentiated

Algebraic development of the Fat Self

Red Dust of Cultural Conditioning accumulates daily

Accumulation of Cultural Conditioning Theorem

Dirty Minds taken for the Norm, while Clean Minds the Unusual

Disadvantages of a Dirty Mind

Chapter 54: Escaping the State of Inversion

Inverted Realities

The State of Inversion - when Black is thot to be White

State of Inversion Happens in the Now

State of Inversion just a matter of degree

Purification of Daily Cultural Corruption

Water Purification: Washing away Thots with Experience

The Person Fever triggered by Amygdala

Chapter 55: First Extinguish Emotional Fire

Accumulated Red Dust Inverts Reality

Emotional Upset: an Indication of Inversion

Step 1: Choosing not the Participate in Anger

Step 2: Water Purification reverses State of Inversion

The Emotional Wild Fire extinguished by Water

Step 3: Fire to Purify Polluted Mind

Pure Experience unavailable to many

Chapter 56: Then Mind cleans Mind

Whatever we to do, we tend to Repeat

State of Inversion filled with Anxiety

The Path filled with Bliss of Being

Resist the Group Will; They don’t care

Give the Mind a regular Cleaning

Purification by Fire: Mind cleans Mind

Chapter 57: Investigate Common Assumptions

Cultivating Return

The Key: Practice based upon Insight

Inversion, Reversion & Return Diagram: Insight vs. Practice

Fame and Fortune secondary to Being Here

Mind corrupted by Brain’s Symbols

Patriotism, a corrupted Symbol of the Brain

Common Ideals of the Culture?

Common Assumptions based upon Ignorance

Chapter 58: Cultural Conditioning Sucks

Red Dust sticks on Ego bumps

Help the Universe Grind your Ego down

Why do we hold onto our Pain? No Gain.

Just the idea of a Bear is Enuf to Scare

Yep. Time to Take the Step to experience Reality. Whee!

Chapter 59: Testing Tradition

Hook: Urge of Humans to Follow Group

How free are We?

Choice invigorating

Chapter 60: Self Cultivation, Just the Beginning

The Firing Process; our Metaphor for Life

Cauldron, Just one Component of a Successful Firing

Flames must be hot enuf

Distracting Thots Dim the Flame

Strong Cauldron and Hot Flame, not Enuf, Also need Dough

Chapter 61: Spiritual Pregnancy

Emptying Body and Mind so that the Spiritual Embryo can Emerge

Spiritual Embryo emerges from Quietude

Conflict between Little Voice and Deductive Brain

Intuition discovers Secret Passageways

Beware the Counter Revolution of the Corrupted Mind

Cultivate Open Awareness to Neutralize Mind’s Agenda

Obsessive Intent Burns the Soup

Staying on the Path - Being continually Dances with the Gods

Unconditioned Mind serves Spiritual Desire to follow Pure Intent

The End

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