Theory of Attention: 1 Page Summary

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Living systems access Environmental Information via the Attention Complex.


Components of the Attention complex:

1) Life Force: the organizational energy that drives the system.

       Hence the importance of cultivating the life force.

2) Attention: interface between Life Force and Information.

3) Feelings (urges): the motivations that assign relative value to data streams.

       2 types of feelings

              1) Innate feelings

                     a) biological (ex. hunger)

                     b) intrinsic motivation (ex. curiosity)

              2) Learned feelings (ex. avoidance and attraction/pain and pleasure)

4) Intention: guides the energy of the Life Force.

5) Living Algorithm (LA): computational tool that provides useful analytics

       An open, reflexive equation

       Foundation of Data Stream Dynamics (DSD)

6) Executive function: chooses the focus of Attention, i.e. data stream, and the action to take.



1) Multiple patterns of correspondence between DSD and living phenomena

2) LA provides analytics that would be useful to living systems (Posner's Attention Model)



Attention is an iterative process, not continuous.

Attention/LA synergy transforms continuous information into data streams.

With each iteration, Attention issues a quantum of mental energy from the life force.

Mental energy combines with the information contained in data stream to become an infoton.

An accumulation of infotons becomes an Experience.

Experiences, micro and macro, are the building blocks of memory, a basis of decision-making.

Biological processes entrain to the mathematical forms of DSD for efficacy.

       To save mental and physical energy

       To do work more efficiently, i.e. maximize productivity & minimize expenditure


Mathematical Forms:

The Pulse (Attention span)

The Triple Pulse (Sleep related phenomena)


Behavioral Implications

Attention is attracted to data streams with changing acceleration.

Conversely, Attention is bored (repelled) by data streams with a constant velocity or acceleration.

When bored, Attention drifts to another data stream.

The Pulse of Experience is not completed (integrated), i.e. nothing is left behind.

Necessary to refresh focus with fresh material to avoid slipping into Oblivion.

   Oblivion: sleep, distracted by trivial (stupid) thoughts, opposite of presence

   Stupid thoughts: circular emotional loops that go nowhere, but arouse negativity or stupor.